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Rousselot introduces ‘synergistic’ gelatine systems

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Rousselot introduces ‘synergistic’ gelatine systems

April 15
13:18 2013
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Rousselot has launched a range of synergistic gelatine systems to improve texture, stability or emulsification in a range of products.

Introduced under the brand name Synergy Systems, the systems are combinations of gelatines – or gelatine with other ingredients like pectin – intended to boost the functionality of each ingredient by virtue of their combination.

Rousselot sales and marketing director Hans Langereis said that the company used its knowledge of the added functionalities that could be created through combinations of gelatines or gelatines with other ingredients to produce the range.

“The food industry needs reliable, practical and efficient ingredients to bring innovations to the market,” he said. “Our Synergy Systems have been created to provide the inspiration and technology that food formulators need to create exciting and great-tasting new food products.”

The company’s systems include:

-AcidoGel, for making acid stable marshmallows, which it says allows for new flavour possibilities in marshmallows;

-NeutralGel, for texture and improved stability, to mimic fat and promote flavour release;

-ResistaGel, for consistent confectionery quality in warm climatic conditions; and

-EmulsiGel, for clean label stabilisation and emulsification of oil-in-water emulsions.

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