Rousselot Launches High Performance Gelatine-Based Functional Solutions

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Rousselot Launches High Performance Gelatine-Based Functional Solutions

April 09
11:22 2013
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Rousselot, the global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, has announced the launch of its Synergy Systems, a range of high performance gelatine-based functional solutions suitable for a variety of food applications.

The Synergy Systems are composed of different types of gelatine, or a specific gelatine and other ingredients (such as pectin) that work synergistically: the functionality of each gelatine and each other ingredient, is boosted when they are combined. Easy-to-use solutions, the Synergy Systems open up new possibilities to the food industry, enabling manufacturers to develop innovative and enhanced products with new or additional benefits. They can improve texture, stability, or emulsification, for example, or be used to develop better-for-you options. The Synergy Systems also allow producers to enhance taste and introduce exciting new flavour varieties too.

The Synergy Systems range currently includes:
Rousselot AcidoGel – a gelling agent which allows for the manufacture of stable acid marshmallows, promoting new flavor possibilities
Rousselot NeutralGel – a solution to texturise, mimic fat, promote flavor release, and improve stability over time
Rousselot ResistaGel – an ingredient to ensure continued quality in confectionery which is used or produced in warm climate conditions
Rousselot EmulsiGel – a clean label ingredient which emulsifies and stabilises in an oil-in-water emulsion.

“The food industry needs reliable, practical and efficient ingredients to bring innovations to the market,” explains Hans Langereis, Sales & Marketing Director, Rousselot. “Our Synergy Systems have been created to provide the inspiration and technology that food formulators need to create exciting and great-tasting new food products. The range is the result of Rousselot’s unique expertise and know-how of the added functionalities that can be delivered through the effective combination of gelatines or gelatines with other ingredients.”

With a strong focus on partnership working, Rousselot is committed to supporting its customers in developing new and improved products using its Synergy Systems. Rousselot has over 120 years’ heritage of leading innovation in gelatine, as well as four application laboratories and technical support teams located across world. This ensures that Rousselot is well placed to help food manufacturers create successful new products, whatever their formulation requirements.

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