RPC provides food trays to Angulas Aguinaga

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RPC provides food trays to Angulas Aguinaga

May 16
16:49 2016
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bebo-mussels-mainRPC Bebo Food Packaging, a part of RPC Group, has provided thermoformed high-density polyethylene (HDPE) trays to Spain-based seafood company Angulas Aguinaga.

Angulas has used the trays to pack its new range of microwavable mussel dishes.

Manufactured at RPC Bebo’s Norway-based site in 400g and 1kg sizes, the trays are expected to provide consumers with mussels and sauces that can be prepared in a few minutes.

Supplied by Mariscos Linamar from Spain’s Galicia region, the mussels are prepared by Angulas Aguinaga in less than 24 hours to maintain their quality and freshness.

RPC Bebo noted that the round shape of the tray allows it to turn in the microwave during heating.

The handles at each end of the tray allow it to be safely removed from microwaves.

RPC Bebo provides thermoformed packaging for various markets, including margarines, spreads, coffee, vending cups and dairy products.

The company has sites in Germany, France, England, Poland and the Netherlands.

Last October, the company launched a new seafood packing system that provides logistical and sustainability benefits compared to traditional packs.

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