Safe and Stable Pallet Loading and Transit

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Safe and Stable Pallet Loading and Transit

April 05
09:16 2013
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Fall Stop H911 is a unique anti-slip Hotmelt from KMS Adhesives; the UK’s innovative company at the forefront of adhesives technology. Fall Stop H911 is designed to secure packaging firmly in place when assembled on a pallet and transported. The palleted goods are secured from slippage up to tilt of 45 degrees. There is no surface damage to the packaging when loaded or separated, the release is clean so the product and its packaging stays in pristine condition.

The pallet load is secure horizontally and vertically and the use of Fall Stop H911 reduces the amount of stretch wrap required. It is more environmentally friendly to manufacture than stretch wrap and is therefore an eco-friendly way to stabilize all palleted loads. The product can be used with board, plastic, metal and both PP and PE sacks, it remains flexible at low temperatures and is simple and easy to apply.

The use of Fall Stop H911 from KMS Adhesives ensures the arrival of all palleted goods in prime condition in a safe and stable load. Find out more at www.kmsadhesives.co.uk or call 01953 882 899 to learn how KMS Adhesives products can enhance your business and save you money.

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