Schenck Process – The Global Expert in Materials Handling

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Schenck Process – The Global Expert in Materials Handling

December 31
12:00 2012
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Known globally for the quality of its products and capabilities, Schenck Process provides food manufacturers with total engineering solutions in the areas of bulk materials handling, feeding, weighing, conveying and filtration.

Schenck Process’ client list includes blue chip companies across most sectors of the international food and drink industry. The Schenck Process name is synonymous with expertise in the fields of weighing and feeding technology but the group is similarly well regarded in the areas of mechanical handling with the Redler brand and pneumatic conveying and filtration with the Clyde Process range of products.

Schenck Process Mechatron Loss in Weight Feeder.

Schenck Process’ expertise and systems also extend within the food processing plant with its core range of feeding and weighing systems, such as mass flow meters, belt weighers, and gravimetric and volumetric screw feeders – all controlled by its cutting edge software solutions.

Since acquiring Clyde Process (including Clyde Materials Handling and Mac Process) in 2011, the equipment range has been extended to encompass pneumatic conveying including dense phase conveying, lean phase conveying along with modular short range vacuum conveying systems. This technology is supported by a wide range of filtration products for process equipment and to meet environmental requirements.

In addition the Redler range incorporates chain conveyors, chain and bucket elevators and other equipment necessary for high volume bulk material handling of products such as grain and malt.

“We offer the complete package of services including design, build, installation, commissioning and then look after the plants for their life cycles. We are a very experienced company, which has the scale and provides security of long term supply and ongoing aftercare of the products on site. It is all about providing an overall package,” explains Martin Thomson, Director of Light Industries, Schenck Process’ international business segment that specialises in the food industry.

Schenck Process MCF Air Filtration unit.

Scope of Supply

Schenck Process undertakes food industry work ranging in value from around £100,000 to multi-million pound projects. For example, it is currently involved in a large bulk materials handling projects for State-owned flour and grain terminals in the Middle East and also currently installing a big bag discharging system for a chocolate crumb manufacturer in Europe.

“As a company, we try to own the key process steps. So rather than being an integrator, like many suppliers in the food industry who integrate other people’s equipment, we look to own the key critical process steps,” says Martin Thomson. “There are not many players in our industry with both mechanical conveying and pneumatic conveying technologies to the depth that we have. We are able to handle a wide variety of raw and processed materials using mechanical or pneumatic conveying methods or a combination of both, depending upon the application. Therefore, we can act as an ‘ombudsman’ for clients to advise on the most suitable system for their requirements.”

He adds: “The other factor that distinguishes us from rivals is our global footprint. We have 33 locations across the globe and it allows us to have competence locally to each project.” Schenck Process’ ethos is to ‘think globally and act locally’.

Global Footprint 

With its global footprint Schenck Process is well placed to cater for the trend by large multinational clients to establish centralised engineering technology hubs to oversee new plant and process development throughout their worldwide operations.

Indeed, its expertise and track record of delivering customer satisfaction ensures repeat business and Schenck Process has built its business on establishing long standing relationships with its clients.

Schenck Process Pneumatic conveying system.

“We can draw on the expertise from the full Group to solve specific problems for clients. We can take a solution that has been developed and used inAmericaand apply it inGermany, for example. We are very customer specific but can call on capabilities that many competitors would not have access to,” points out Paul Markwell, Marketing Manager of Schenck Process UK.


Schenck Process is committed to continual investment in innovate R&D. One of the Group’s major breakthroughs in the food industry has entailed the development of a dense phase pneumatic conveying solution for moving sugar over long distances whilst still maintaining the crystal shine. The Schenck Process pneumatic conveying system also offers health and safety benefits over traditional mechanical handling methods by eliminating dust in the work environment and with it, the associated risks.

Schenck Process is currently upgrading its filtration range, originally developed by Mac Process in the US, and adapting it for the European market which will be CE and ATEX compliant. This product development process, which will result in lower running costs and easier maintenance for customers, is expected to be completed in January 2013.

“Customers are looking to the longer term and investing in systems that will last, have low maintenance and will help reduce future operating costs. So it is not just capital cost but the lifecycle cost that is important,” says Martin Thomson.

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