Schur’s Bags Will Make Babies Giggle

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Schur’s Bags Will Make Babies Giggle

Schur’s Bags Will Make Babies Giggle
October 23
10:29 2019
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This is not only what every parent thinks, but it is also the opinion of the Danish company Christina Hansen. Their mission is to offer babies all over the world authentic and organic cereals and to  inspire them into a lifelong love of good food. But your baby should not only enjoy the good taste, the natural cereals, the vitamins and the minerals. The charming bag illustrations will bring joy to your baby,  when mommy or daddy tells a story over the pandas collecting berries or the  squirrels juggling apples and pears – all with the purpose of making the meal a happy moment.

Upgraded products in eye-catching bags

Christina Hansen is just now relaunching their baby cereals line. The content of saturated fats has been reduced along with the content of sugars, whereas the content of fibre has been increased. The organic, natural and healthy cereals require protection against impact of light, oxygen and moisture and are therefore are packed into a multilayer bag that offers the best possible protection. In line with the clear product profile signaling health, consideration and love, the company has focused on avoiding food waste. The reclosable Schur stand-up bags ensure the best possible protection, once the seal has been broken.

Unique appearance by combining matte and metallized films

The eye-catching bags are designed with reverse print on a matte film which is then laminated, the astonishing effects are achieved through the printing technique. The unique and powerful result will highlight the products at POS. Schur®Star Systems offer a world of options when it comes to print effects. With advanced flexo printing in up to 10 colours, high gloss lacquer, matte lacquer, metallized inks and a comprehensive range of film types, practically any creative idea can come true. And with application of ESKO software and ESKO CDI Crystal technology in the internal pre-press and plate production, Schur®Star Systems ensure state-of-the art print results.

Cereals, ready to serve

With dedication and a clear mission as guiding lines, the organic cereals by Christina Hansen win market shares, and not only in Denmark. The products are on the shelves in the Danish supermarket chains COOP, Dansk Supermarked and Lidl, abroad in Norwegian, Finnish and Hungarian supermarket chains. Simply stir the cereals with boiling water, leave to cool off, and a healthy and nourishing meal is ready to enjoy.

A packaging concept for all segments

Because of the rectangular fill opening measuring the full bag width the Schur®Star Packaging Machine is perfect for filling light, free-flow products that can be difficult to handle. Worldwide more than 500 companies rely on the concept for all product types – from dry products, fresh produce, frozen meat to liquids and confectionery – from toys, medical utensils to horticultural products and tools. All products are packed in user-friendly bag constructions that will ease the handling – in the packing process, in the supermarket, and with the consumer. The adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically any environment, product, process and packing condition makes it unique.

See Schur Star Systems at stand L07 at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain in Dublin in January.


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