Sharpak: Packaging must be traceable to rebuild trust

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Sharpak: Packaging must be traceable to rebuild trust

May 08
13:15 2013
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Rigid plastics firm Sharpak has warned that packaging must be traceable to rebuild confidence throughout the international food supply chain.

The company believes the industry must take responsibility of each element of the packaging supply chain, starting with the delivery of raw materials required for the manufacturer of products.  According to the firm, stringent quality control measures, including testing, are vital to guaranteeing customer safety.

Sharpak managing director Andrew Copson said: “The recent scandals in the international food network have highlighted the importance of traceability within the supply chain. It is therefore important peace of mind and consistency is provided in supply.

“By ensuring the safety of consumers through a traceable supply chain, trust can be restored, which is clearly imperative following the recent horsemeat scandal that rightly resulted in people questioning exactly what is happening within the UK food market network. Brands live and die by their relationship with their customers, and if there is no trust within the supply chain, the reputation of a company will be tarnished.

“I believe if traceability can be reinforced throughout the supply chain, future scandals can be avoided and most importantly, consumer safety will be guaranteed.”

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