Synergy Flavours Launches ‘Dairy by Nature’ Range in Europe and Asia

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Synergy Flavours Launches ‘Dairy by Nature’ Range in Europe and Asia

Synergy Flavours Launches ‘Dairy by Nature’ Range in Europe and Asia
April 22
14:36 2020
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Synergy Flavours, a leading supplier of flavours, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, has launched Dairy by Nature, a new portfolio of custom solutions for both traditional and plant-based products, in Europe and Asia. Dairy by Nature combines Synergy’s all-natural flavour creation expertise with the proprietary dairy technology of its parent company, Carbery, which has more than 50 years of Irish dairy heritage.

The result is a new line of authentic dairy and dairy-free flavours designed to enhance dairy indulgence and build back taste. Dairy by Nature optimises flavour in a variety of products. It also masks undesirable off-notes in calorie-reduced and dairy-free recipes to deliver the healthier, great tasting products that consumers expect.

Dairy by Nature adds value to a wide range of applications – from fresh and cultured dairy products, to nutritional, bakery, beverage, confectionery and even savoury applications. The portfolio delivers authentic taste, added functionality – such as enhanced process stability – and long-lasting mouthfeel. The solutions can be used as primary ingredients to replace or mimic dairy, or to enhance the flavour of existing dairy ingredients, such as butter, cream and cheese. They have been layered to replicate the rich, creaminess of dairy, whether used in standard or dairy-free formulations.

Unlike typical dairy flavours that simply add a singular top note, such as caramelised butter or condensed milk, Dairy by Nature provides enhanced mouthfeel and prolonged flavour delivery instead of a short-lived burst of flavour. The range also provides the means to give consistent flavour, such as managing flavour variability in dairy ingredients and masking undesirable notes in plant-based alternatives.

Lorraine Kelly, Senior Category Manager at Synergy Flavours, says: “Synergy Flavours’ heritage, as a leading innovator of flavours, extracts and essences, alongside our experience as a dairy producer (through Ireland’s Carbery Group) means we truly understand both the intrinsic science and the pure nature of dairy.

“Replacing or reducing traditional dairy ingredients in a recipe, for whatever reason, can pose real challenges for manufacturers. Whether it is creating the same sensory performance as real butter in pastry, imparting improved creaminess in fat-reduced fillings, or building back cheese notes in bread, Dairy by Nature delivers superior longevity of flavour, mouthfeel and aroma, while ensuring the all-important clean label declaration.”

Ciarán Lynch, Ph.D., R&D Manager for Synergy Flavours, adds: “Whether formulating plant-based products or creating great tasting dairy, the end goal is a food experience that forms an emotional connection with the consumer and encourages repeat purchase. Dairy by Nature is designed to deliver a positive organoleptic experience across taste, texture, body and mouthfeel in a wide spectrum of food applications.” 

Through its science-led approach, Synergy flavourists and food scientists work collaboratively with customers to help reach their formulation objectives for foods and beverages. To learn more about the Dairy by Nature portfolio, visit https://uk.synergytaste.com/dairy-flavours.

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