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Portugal to bring in sugar tax

    Portugal to bring in sugar tax

Portugal has become the latest country to introduce a tax on sugary soft drinks, as its Government unveiled plans to bring in the levy next year. While plans for a

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Natural Sweeteners Look to Close the Sweetness Gap in Soft Drinks

Ongoing concerns about obesity and sugar intake have driven interest in reduced sugar and diet drinks in recent years. This has become even more focused with the arrival of the

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Poll: sugar tax will make a difference

43% of people say they would buy fewer soft drinks if prices rose by 20 per cent, according to a ComRes poll commissioned by Diabetes UK. The poll, conducted in

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British PM suggests a U-turn on sugar tax in the UK

British Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested he could make a U-turn on introducing a sugar tax on fizzy drinks to the UK. Cameron speaking at a press conference in

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