Taller flapper cap model with more “size impression”

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Taller flapper cap model with more “size impression”

March 03
14:22 2013
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PET Power is expanding its standard range of closures to include a functional flapper cap for two 63 mm PET jars. This specific flapper cap stands out from the other standard flapper caps because of its height. The taller side gives the cap an improved ‘size impression’. The flapper cap also has all the familiar features. The two flaps at the top cover a dispensing opening and perforations for sprinkling the product within the jar. The cap can be supplied with or without an Induction Heat Seal (IHS) or Pressure Sensitive (PS) liner.

The cap is produced with the common 63SP400 neck type, but the different height means it is only suitable for our 230 ml and 330 ml Recessed Cylindrical jars at present. Samples of the cap (with or without a matching jar) can be requested.

Fields of application

The 63 mm flapper cap can be used with two jars from PET Power’s standard range. The characteristic benefits of a flapper cap make the cap highly suitable for all kinds of powdery or sprinklable products. These could be herbs and spices, as well as cake decorations, sandwich toppings, pet food and other sprinklable products. This website shows the two models which can be combined with this dispensing closure: 230 ml and 330 ml.

Decoration options
The closure is available as standard in white and green (as shown). It can of course be produced in any colour of your choice, above a minimum order quantity of 20,000. The most attractive effect is obtained by matching the colour of the closure to the colour or decoration of the jar. Ask your local sales contact person or our decoration specialist Annette Kraan  ak@petpower.eu for a no-obligation discussion about the various options.

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