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Toray Plastics launches new anti-fog PET lidding film for PP food trays

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Toray Plastics launches new anti-fog PET lidding film for PP food trays

July 05
12:13 2016
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Toray-LumiLidXL7AF.MedResUS-based Toray Plastics has launched new LumiLid XL7AF anti-fog and easy-peel PET lidding film, developed for use with polypropylene (PP) food trays.

The new film has been designed for fresh and refrigerated food packaged in PP trays, which includes mineral-filled trays.

Toray Plastics’ Lumirror division sales and marketing senior director Milan Moscaritolo said: “LumiLid XL7AF was developed for a solution to the problem of visible and undesirable condensation, which can occur with fresh food packaged in clear-lidded trays.

“The new XL7AF film’s anti-fog performance contributes to an attractive presentation, and the strong seal helps keep food fresh. Those qualities are essential for brand integrity.”

Produced with the firm’s technologically advanced film, the new XL7AF features a proprietary chemically formulated surface for anti-fog performance.

Suitable for consumer applications such as vegetables, hummus, and salsa, it features a robust sealant layer, which is developed by using the firm’s proprietary extrusion-coated sealant blend.

The film also has a wide sealing range of between 200°F and 350°F for PP trays and is available in 128, 164, and 200 gauges.

XL7AF provides caulkability and multi-layer laminations, as well as clean peel resistant to shredding.

According to the company, XL7AF is FDA compliant, made without solvents, and available in bio-based versions made from renewable feedstock.

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