Ulma launches wash down version to meet sanitation demands

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Ulma launches wash down version to meet sanitation demands

May 12
11:13 2013
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Ulma Packaging has launched a wash down version of its Flow-Vac system to meet the demands of the fresh products industry.

The Flow-Vac 35 wash down version is designed to meet USDA dairy guidelines and has minimum IP 65 protection level on all components.

Machine design was a key factor to minimise dirt and dust build-up and ensure optimal wash down performance, said Josu Garcia, product manager, at the IFFA trade show in Frankfurt.

“On one side is the flow pack machine itself, the benefits it offers to the processer are based on automation, flexibility and cost effective processes but we know this is not enough, the customer must have a machine that is ready to be working in his environment in terms of cleaning and sanitation.”

The machine allows water hose cleaning in place and all belt conveyors can be removed for sanitation, said Ulma.

Fresh products

The market orientation of the new wash down version is targeting the fresh meat and food industry where sanitation and machine cleaning is critical.

“[The] customer risks that his product gets contaminated by the dirt accumulated in the different areas of the machine, obviously this can generate a lower shelf life of his product and in the worst cases a disease danger.”

The key issues in the design included following the regulatory guidelines, make round shapes and not flat surfaces so any dirt or water drip will evaporate and minimizing areas where dust and dirt can be trapped by having spaces and distances between parts.

“For washdown, basically having a high protection on all electronic components with IP 65 and 67 components where possible and having a high degree of protection on all connections and stainless steel material.”

Original system

The Flow-Vac system creates shrink vacuum bags from a barrier roll stock film and can be automatically sized according to product length.

It replaces the manual bagging process with an automatic process, creating a vacuum bag around the product and loading it on automatically.

“The main benefits of the process include its flexibility, it allows customers to have a process with less operators and a packaging material optimisation to increase his productivity, to have less product handling and more sanitary product handling for a better shelf life of his product.”

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