WILD-INDAG Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

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WILD-INDAG Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

WILD-INDAG Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
March 20
11:47 2013
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Within just a few decades, WILD-INDAG has developed into a global market leader in pouch technology and a leading supplier of process technologyandmachines for the food industry. On its 50th anniversary, the company from Eppelheim can take pride in its continuing excellent track record. Following yet another successful business year in 2012, WILD-INDAG’s machine production is expected to be working at full capacity all year on machines and equipment scheduled for shipment to Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA within 2013.

WILD-INDAG has been developing and providing modern processing units (eg
for dosing and mixing syrups) and machinery to the beverage and food industry for five decades. Today, 200 filling machines are in operation in 30 countries and 650 processing units in over 60 countries around the world.

Company founder Rudolf Wild paved the way for this success with the stand-up pouch – developed specially for Capri-Sonne – made of an aluminum composite foil. “My father had faith in the packaging right from the outset and, against all the odds, spent years optimizing it and making production more efficient,” Dr Hans-Peter Wild recalls of the company’s early days. “Thanks to INDAG the stand-up pouch has been continuously improved and is now the world’s most efficient packaging technology.” Today, around one-fifth of the worldwide available stand-up pouches are produced and filled by WILD-INDAG pouch machines.

Last year WILD-INDAG recorded a sales increase of more than 20 per cent, thus doubling the company’s sales figures since 2009.

“The stand-up pouch is the flexible packaging solution of the future,” comments Carsten Kaisig, Managing Director of WILD-INDAG. “It provides maximum protection for food and beverages as well as for non-food products, with a minimum use of materials.” The pouch system, classified as “ecologically friendly” due to its balanced carbon footprint, enjoys an average annual growth rate of 11 per cent. It is also practical and, as such, in tune with the global convenience trend.

WILD-INDAG’s excellent performance record is boosted by a series of sustainable innovations. One example is the recently developed aseptic filling machine that considerably improves both the quality and flavor of food and is a major energy saver. The system will be rolled out in conjunction with the expansion of Capri-Sonne in Eppelheim, near Heidelberg. A further example of the company’s commitment to sustainability is the installation of energy and cost-effective electric drives in all WILD-INDAG machines and equipment.


“WILD-INDAG’s Managing Directors Carsten Kaisig and Mansur Güngör as well as owner Dr Hans-Peter Wild (left to right) pictured inspecting a round filler for the spouted pouch at the assembly line.

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