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World premiere in Cosucra Groupe Warcoing

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World premiere in Cosucra Groupe Warcoing

November 10
10:39 2011
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In 1986, 25 years ago, Cosucra Groupe Warcoing, a family-owned company based in Belgium,
manufactures the first industrial chicory inulin in the world. Fibruline® is born and is launched on the market. This breakthrough is followed by the launch of Fibrulose®, a chicory oligofructose in powder form, in 1999. Throughout the years, Cosucra Groupe Warcoing has strategically developed its range and doubled its capacity to meet the market demand. 25 years later, the innovation process is still on: Cosucra has successfully launched its first references of Fibrulose® liquid oligofructose at the beginning of 2011. Mastering the chain from seeds to consumer finished product Cosucra Groupe Warcoing is the only chicory inulin manufacturer to master the whole chain, from seed to food, thanks to its three R&D teams. At the beginning of the chain, Chicoline selects and improves chicory seeds as well as cultivation methods. Another R&D department is in charge of developing the inulin and oligofructose range and improving the process. Finally, the TNS (Technical Nutritional Service) department deals with the development of innovative recipes and applications based on Fibruline® and Fibrulose®, as a support for customers or in answer to specific issues. This strong R&D force enables Cosucra Groupe Warcoing to be highly reactive as well as proactive on the fastmoving functional fibre market.
What makes Fibruline® still so successful?
Health-conscious consumers are growingly aware of the importance of a balanced diet but also of the difficulty in
following the dietary guidelines. In European countries, where consumption of fibre is less than the recommended 25-30g, products fortified with soluble fibre are a solution to help bridge the gap. Among them, inulin is forecast to be one of the most sought after ingredients in the years to come1. By adding Fibruline® chicory inulin (or Fibrulose® chicory oligofructose), manufacturers can increase the fibre content of their products in a cost-effective way and without impacting negatively on their taste and texture. In addition, Fibruline® and Fibrulose® are also two effective solutions in the weight management segment and in the fight against obesity. Well present in satiety-enhancing products, there are also used to reduce the Glycemic Index of various food and drink. Most importantly, they are recognised as a reference in the “low calorie” market, being ideal for the formulation of delicious calorie-reduced products. Due to their low calorie content and their fat-mimetic effect, in some cases, they can indeed substitute partially or totally sugars and/or fat. Eventually, since 1986, thirty studies involving Fibruline® or Fibrulose® have been conducted and published in famous peer-reviewed journals. They have contributed to Cosucra’s deep understanding of the ingredients nutritional properties and health benefits and thus to their long-lasting success.
Fibruline® and Fibrulose® appeal to manufacturers for all of those functionalities as well as for their ease of use and
high versatility. They also appeal to the consumer for being two non-GMO vegetable ingredients full of nutritional benefits. This explains why those ingredients are now sold in around 40 countries throughout the world in more than 1000 references, from functional water to bakery or even meat products (sausages, patés, restructured products…).

Cosucra has been processing natural ingredients since 1852. But we are not just a supplier. We partner with our customers,providing market expertise, extensive clinical research, and experience in regulatory affairs to help them improve existing products and develop new ones. Partnerships with more than 400 food manufacturers and more than 1,000 product references worldwide demonstrate that Cosucra works alongside clients from idea to launch and from seed to food

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