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Yogurt – The New Healthy, High Quality Snack

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Yogurt – The New Healthy, High Quality Snack

Yogurt – The New Healthy, High Quality Snack
May 02
10:00 2016
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Modern consumers are craving healthy and high quality snacks suited for a busy day on the go. They do not want to sacrifice convenience over health or health over taste – on the contrary, modern consumers want to be inspired by new exciting flavours.

Done right, yogurt is the perfect product to match such consumer demands.

YoFlex® Acidifix™ from Chr. Hansen is the new best friend for developers and marketers who want to excite consumer segments across the board with new flavours.

ChrHansenMay2016This innovative culture offers superior mildness which makes it ideal for indulgent flavours such as coffee, toffee and chocolate as well as more subtle flavours like watermelon, lychee, rose or green tea. In other words, YoFlex® Acidifix™ is a tool to expand the flavour palette and attract more consumers.

The superior mildness of YoFlex® Acidifix™ also translates into a very stable pH during shelf-life. The fact that the yogurt won’t go sour results in a more consistent quality and the possibility to add less sugar.

Last but not least, YoFlex® Acidifix™ helps to build a thick creamy texture, which is essential for creating a truly indulgent sensation. YoFlex® Acidifix™ is suitable for both stirred and drinking type products and is already a success with customers around the globe.

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