Advancement in Customer Outlook Toward Paper-based Packaging

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Advancement in Customer Outlook Toward Paper-based Packaging

July 11
10:38 2016
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PPBThe US Paper and Packaging Board has a year-old national promotional campaign, which has observed an advancement in the outlook of customers toward paper-based product packaging.

The campaign, known as ‘Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds’, has been created to increase awareness and use of paper and paper-based packaging products.

Between August 2015 and May 2016, the campaign’s findings has demonstrated better perceptions of paper and packaging products among the targeted audience.

During the campaign, a wave-over-wave attitude and usage survey was conducted among consumers.

The Paper and Packaging Board compared the initial 2015 data to this year’s survey responses.

Among the target audience who recall seeing campaign adverts, 86% of survey responses agree that even as technology becomes more advanced, paper continues to play an important role in people’s lives.

The percentage in this category has increased from 73% in 2015.

Around 66% of survey participants stated that products in paper-based packaging tend to have a more premium feel, an increase over 52% of participants sharing this view last year.

The survey also found that the percentage of consumers who think more highly of companies that package their products in paper-based packaging has increased to 63% from last year’s 44%.

The consumer’s attitude toward the quality of corrugated boxes remained around the same, with 84% agreeing to the high quality of corrugated packaging.

Paper and Packaging Board currently establishes and guides promotions, which are designed to uplift the use of paper and increase demand for paper-based packaging products.

Nearly 60 US manufacturers and importers of paper-based products collectively fund the company’s efforts including the campaign.

The Paper & Packaging: How Life Unfolds campaign was formed in July of 2015. The campaign’s mission is to expand awareness and the application of paper and paper-based packaging products.

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