Beneo rolls out texturizing rice starch for baby food

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Beneo rolls out texturizing rice starch for baby food

May 12
10:40 2013
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Beneo has introduced a new clean label rice starch range for texturizing fruit and vegetable-based baby foods.

The company said that the rice starch meets all industry and regulatory standards, is hypoallergenic, organic, and non-GMO, making it a clean label ingredient with functional benefits for manufacturers.

In particular, Beneo said that in-house trials had shown the ingredient to improve product stability in terms of viscosity, syneresis and shelf life. In addition, rice starch has a small particle size, allowing for a creamy texture without affecting taste or colour. Rice starch is also highly digestible, making it an attractive ingredient for baby food manufacturers.

“With a strong heritage in rice starches, Beneo rice derivatives are used worldwide as hypoallergenic texturisers from nature to improve the mouthfeel, shelf life and structure of food products,” Beneo’s product manager Rice Derivatives Pierre Donck said in a statement.

Thanks to our stringent production processes and testing procedures, there is no limit to the age at which consumers can benefit from the technical and nutritional advantages of our rice starches.”

The company is rolling out the ingredient range globally from this month.


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