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DNA Brings Robust Traceability to Pork Products

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DNA Brings Robust Traceability to Pork Products

DNA Brings Robust Traceability to Pork Products
October 09
10:47 2019
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The efficacy of DNA traceability to deliver trust and confidence to the pork industry has been confirmed in a recent analysis commissioned by global food traceability company IdentiGEN. IdentiGEN, together with a leading retailer, has highlighted the efficacy of DNA based traceability and in particular the benefits it brings to the complex challenge of pork production.

DNA TraceBack is a scientific solution that accurately and precisely traces animal derived protein products. Its technology is unrivalled in promoting trust and protecting provenance within the ever evolving and challenging food business.

Accurate and precise traceability of protein products is particularly complex, as the carcass of the animal is disassembled into smaller components and often mixed with other proteins to create the end shelf product. With this Italian analysis, DNA TraceBack technology is demonstrated to offer a robust and precise solution for a range of premium Italian meat products to verify provenance, confirm authenticity and accurately trace from fork to farm.

Traditional paper-based auditing systems and more recent blockchain digital systems have difficulty tracing complex protein products back to the source and farm animal. The recent analysis showed the strength of DNA Traceback to protect the quality and provenance of major premium Italian pork products such as Salami, San Daniele and Parma Ham.

DNA TraceBack is proven to be a reliable approach to traceability with major pork, beef, chicken and seafood products and brands internationally and is a trusted traceability solution for major retailers, food service providers and processors in Europe and North America.

For the pork industry, using DNA TraceBack can accurately and precisely trace production pig meat to a defined sow population – and maintain this throughout the maturation, complex processing and cooking phases.

IdentiGEN, Commercial Director, Ronan Loftus says: “We are convinced that DNA technology alone can accurately and precisely handle the complexity of the animal protein supply chain to trace a finished product back to its original source.  Our vision for DNA TraceBack is that it will become a ubiquitous mark of authenticity for all meat and seafood products so that consumers can wholeheartedly trust in what they are buying and eating.”

DNA TraceBrack’s difference to other traditional methods of animal traceability is its 100% accuracy and precision. The proprietary analytical connection of DNA, production history and certification data enable irrefutable traceability from fork to source.

Compatible with blockchain processes, DNA TraceBack provides a robust solution to transparency in the meat supply chain. As a result, it is becoming the gold standard of traceability transparency and trust in food systems worldwide.

In an era where the consumer demand for food transparency is increasing and trust is challenged through food fraud, sustainability and animal welfare concerns, proof of provenance and authenticity is now expected in regard to identity, quality, history as well as ethical sourcing and manufacturing. DNA Traceback provides the food industry with reliable traceability across the entire supply chain.

Founded in 1996 IdentiGEN is a pioneer of DNA-based solutions for producers, processors and retailers of meat and seafood products in the Agri-food Industry, with operations in Ireland, Europe, the UK and the USA. Its proprietary DNA TraceBack® technology is the most advanced traceability system available. It is the first company in the world to successfully deliver DNA food traceability at global scale.

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