Ecolean – A Lighter and Smarter Approach to Packaging

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Ecolean – A Lighter and Smarter Approach to Packaging

September 11
13:25 2013
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Ecolean packages are easy to grip and pour from.

Ecolean specialises in developing and manufacturing modern lightweight packaging which meets consumer demand for convenience and concern for the environment. The company supplies complete packaging systems for the dairy and liquid food industries.

Ecolean’s total packaging solutions are helping manufacturers to comply with increasingly stringent quality, safety and environmental performance standards. Headquartered inSweden, Ecolean was founded in 1996 and has developed into a global business with sales in more than 30 countries.

The company’s packaging systems are suitable for filling pasteurised products in different package sizes. Ecolean also offers aseptic packages that preserve the quality of the product’s content. Ecolean supplies a range of packaging sizes to meet customers’ various requirements – from portion packs (200-250 ml) to bigger sizes (500ml, 750ml and 1000 ml).

Complete Packaging Solutions

Ecolean provides complete packaging solutions incorporating packaging material, packaging, and filling machines. Indeed, the Ecolean ‘package’ has been developed with the whole package life cycle in mind.

Ecolean EL4 filling machine.

“It is designed to be convenient for the producer, the retailer and the consumer,” points out Louise Hobroh, Marketing Manager at Ecolean. “We support our customers all the way from production to the store shelves with technical and marketing expertise.”

Ecolean has been at the forefront of many of the developments in lightweight packaging technology in recent times, especially in meeting the growing interest in flexible and aseptic packaging, which is continuing to replace rigid structures due to cost and environmental factors. Although PET bottles have a large share of the fruit juice and soft drinks market, Ecolean has been successful in developing a transparent flexible package as an alternative to PET.

Unique Shape

The Ecolean package is characterised by a unique shape that stands out on the shelf, helping brand owners to differentiate their products in store. “It offers consumer convenience and environmental concern in one. It is easy to open and has a convenient air handle,” explains Louise Hobroh. “When it is emptied, it becomes flat as an envelope and takes less space in the waste bin. Weighing nearly 50% less than conventional juice and dairy cartons and bottles have a positive effect throughout the whole package life cycle.”

Leading brands owners, including Orangina Schweppes France, Engro Foods in Pakistan and Bright Dairy in China, are successfully selling dairy or juice products in Ecolean packaging to retailers and consumers. “Orangina Schweppes wanted an aseptic flexible package for their market and found that Ecolean suited them perfectly. Engro Foods wanted a unique aseptic package to distinguish their products from competitors, and Bright Dairy a solution with high food safety and quality service which they found in Ecolean.”

She elaborates: “With our unique packaging solutions combining convenience and environmental concern, brand owners have the possibility to stand out from competitors.”

Latest Innovations 

The Swedish packaging specialist has a strong track record of new product development, enabling it to keep pace with changing consumer and customer requirements. Ecolean is currently launching three new innovations – Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear, SnapQuick and Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml.

Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear

Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear.

Ecolean is expanding its portfolio with the addition of Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear, a range of transparent aseptic packages. The packages have the same benefits as Ecolean’s other packages and are suitable for all kinds of non-carbonated soft-drinks such as lemonade, ice tea etc.

“With a big disposable printing area the producer decides how much to show of the product and how much to hide behind the printing,” says Andreas Jeppsson, Sales Director of Ecolean. “Being one of few suppliers on the market offering transparent aseptic packages makes Ecolean an excellent choice to be unique on the store shelves.”


A new feature for Ecolean’s family size packages (500, 750, 1000 ml) is the convenient reclosing device SnapQuick. “There is a growing demand on convenience of packages and Ecolean constantly develops innovations to meet these requests,” he remarks.

Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml

Ecolean Air Aseptic 750 ml.

Ecolean’s newly developed Air Aseptic 750 ml package is suitable for smaller households and helps to avoid unnecessary food waste. “The package is not too big and not too small. It has a great face display perfect for high quality print,” adds Andreas Jeppsson. “The package is filled in the same filling machines as our 500 and 1000 ml packages which opens up many marketing opportunities for our customers.”

Juice Summit 2013

Ecolean will attend and sponsor this year’s Juice Summit in Brusselsbetween 1-3 October 2013. The event is organised by AIJN in conjunction with SGF International, EQCS and IFU. Ecolean’s sales team will be present to discuss opportunities provided by the company’s latest innovations in lightweight packaging. For further information, visit www.ecolean.com.

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