Filling Machine Solutions From Riggs Autopack For Start-up Food Producers

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Filling Machine Solutions From Riggs Autopack For Start-up Food Producers

Filling Machine Solutions From Riggs Autopack For Start-up Food Producers
April 21
09:54 2013
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Filling machine manufacturer Riggs Autopack has secured a recent order from Little Turban, an artisan food manufacturer based in South-West London that produce contemporary Indian cooking sauces.

Little Turban is the creation of Harj Dhillon and he produces a wide variety of Indian cooking sauces in small batches and uses only fresh, choice, locally sourced ingredients, free from artificial flavourings, colours and additives. This combination of carefully sourced ingredients, small scale manufacturing and attention to detail, has given his sauces a unique, exotic and authentic taste.

Historically, Harj produced to order by hand using measuring jugs to fill plastic pouches and glass jars, which was time consuming. As orders increased, he recognised that to keep pace with demand, spend less time in production and more time marketing his products, he had to move away from manual filling to a semi-automatic form of depositing.

This was to be his first step into semi-automatic production and it was paramount that when sourcing a new filling machine he had confidence in an industry respected filling machine manufacturer. He requires high quality standards in the finished goods, therefore required a damage free and highly accurate form of depositing hot sauces, some containing particulates, into both pouches and jars.

Riggs Autopack build high quality filling machines for the food production industry. Harj contacted Riggs Autopack to help enhance his company’s production and during the first meeting they were able to advise on a suitable filling machine solution.

Following a successful on-site machine trial, Harj placed an order with Riggs Autopack for a Model 1000 Option 1 semi-automatic filling machine with an incorporated pouch forming unit to open the pouches using clean filtered air prior to filling. It’s been easily integrated into his production area and is fulfilling all manufacturing demands.

Harj is delighted with the filling machine and the vast improvement it has made to his production process. He comments: “My Riggs machine is as important as the product itself, without it we’d never be able to meet demand, safely package our product or develop new products. The assistance offered by Riggs’ sales team is second to none and very much part of the package. I’m looking forward to upgrading soon and know I can rely on the gang to help. I have to admit, I can’t imagine how I hand filled all those pouches and jars using jugs – never again!”

For further information contact Riggs Autopack on Tel +44 (0)1282 440040, Email info@autopack.co.uk or visit www.autopack.co.uk.

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