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Griffith Foods Wins Food Ingredients Europe Food & Beverage Innovation Award

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Griffith Foods Wins Food Ingredients Europe Food & Beverage Innovation Award

Griffith Foods Wins Food Ingredients Europe Food & Beverage Innovation Award
December 05
12:44 2019
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Griffith Foods Europe, a product development and service partner in the protein and snacks market, has won the prestigious Food Ingredients Europe Food & Beverage Category Innovation Award for its Vegetable based Never Fry coating system. Griffith Foods received this award due to its unique product properties – bright coloured, ‘oven only’ coating system, containing pure dehydrated vegetables, resulting in a more natural and healthier coating offer with an unique sensory experience.

Never Fry combines a functional seasoned batter, a premium breading mixture and a top glaze coating which all contain dehydrated vegetables. These retain taste and essential natural components such as minerals, proteins and fibres. After application, this coating system does not require a frying step but rather a unique hot air treatment in the oven. Unlike traditional coating systems that are always pre-fried in oil, this innovation opens the door to better fat control, improved nutritional profiles, attractive bright colours and purer taste experiences.

Depending on the application parameters, the overall fat content can be reduced by more than 30% compared to traditional pre-fried products. Additionally, the quality of the fat stays intact and the risk of unhealthy oxidation formation is significantly reduced due to the limited heat exposure.

The Never Fry technology also offers clear benefits for processors. Investment and maintenance costs are seriously reduced, and the production capacity is no longer restricted by the fryer, which often forms a bottle neck. The oven heat treatment is less harsh, and this helps to maintain ingredient characteristics such as nutrition, taste, colour.

Johan Boot, Vice President of Research and Development says Griffith Foods’ cross-functional collaboration and team’s hard work demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering healthy and nutritious options. “We are delighted to have won this important award. Our Vegetable based Never Fry coating system delivers on a challenging balance: addressing consumer demand for healthier options by significantly reducing fat while retaining essential colours, taste and texture,” he points out. “The case for Griffith Foods as a Delicious & Nutritious market leading innovator that delivers creative, commercial solutions has again been demonstrated.”

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