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How to Achieve Higher Yield

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How to Achieve Higher Yield

How to Achieve Higher Yield
May 10
15:07 2016
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Making a profit in meat and poultry processing requires coming up with the correct answers to the never-ending array of questions, from choosing the right production equipment to meeting the demand for new products.

With industry know-how drawn on more than 40 years of experience, Cabinplant is one the preferred suppliers in the market of food processing equipment. Every day Cabinplant faces the challenge of their customers to increase reliability, reduce downtime, minimize give-away and stay competitive.

Customized Weighing and Packing Solutions

Achieving high yields with fresh and sticky products, like marinated meat and poultry, poses a particularly tough challenge. Cabinplant designs unique weighing and packing solutions to help customers keep up with market trends and meet the growing demand for new products and new packing requirements, such as packing to fixed weight. In fact, Cabinplant’s patented screw feed multihead weigher was initially developed in response to a customer request for help for a specific new-product processing and weighing challenge.

Cabinplant equipment not only enables you to produce competitive, value-added products, but is also designed to quickly pay for itself by helping to reduce operating costs and give-away.

Precise Handling of Large Portions

Cabinplant2May2016It is a constant effort to increase efficiency and reduce give-away, and the Cabinplant weighing and packing solutions are designed to closely match your individual requirements. That is also the case with regards to weighing and packing of large portions.

The Cabinplant multi batcher is based on high-speed combinatorial weighing and handles large portion sizes of up to 30 kg of meat, poultry or fish. The multi batcher automatically weighs raw material into partial portions, which are then combinatorically selected, based on an intelligent algorithm, to make the optimum batch weight. This reduces give-away by up to 5 times that of other systems.

Handling of Sausages – Manual Labour Replaced by a Fully Automatic Solution

Cabinplant also supplies customized distribution tools, which provide the connection between the multihead weigher and the packing equipment. These tools are tailored to match specific requirements and here is one of the recent examples.

Cabinplant3May2016Visualize a chaotic pile of sausages and then a neatly packed tray of sausages you grab from the display cooler in your local supermarket. How do you get from A to Z? How do you automatically orient difficult-to-handle products such as long sausages in a tray and how do you ensure the right amount of product?

To solve a challenge like that, Cabinplant combined know-how and experience with a close co-operation with the customer and came up with an innovative solution that fully automatically aligns portions of sausages in trays. The essence of the innovation and the great advantage for the sausage producers is accurate portion weighing to fixed weight and accurate counting of product.

Automation of horizontal and stepwise filling is the key parameter since this process has traditionally been very labour-intensive. Cabinplant’s solution incorporates a large number of existing technologies, such as the multihead weigher with vibratory feeding. The combinatorial weighing principle ensures minimum give-away and the state-of-the-art sausage depositor results in a labour-saving solution which is a key issue for the customer to stay competitive.

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