KM Packaging’s Fog Buster Film is Clear Winner

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KM Packaging’s Fog Buster Film is Clear Winner

July 09
08:17 2013
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Food manufacturers across the world can now benefit from a superior anti-fogging lidding film developed especially for foil trays by KM Packaging Services. More than 15 years since the introduction of its revolutionary lidding film technology for smooth wall aluminium trays, KM has developed Fog Buster – a premium, optimum performance anti-fog film which offers superb clarity even through multiple temperature variables.

Thanks to their versatility – and oven-ready qualities in particular – aluminium trays are one of the most popular packaging solutions used by the food industry, but demand more technically advanced lidding solutions than, say, plastic trays. As well as retaining superior clarity and seal integrity the premium Fog Buster film will help manufacturers to deal with temperature control along the supply chain even more effectively than current solutions.

KM Packaging’s managing director, Charles Smithson, says: “KM already has a product range that offers significant anti-fogging benefits when sealing to foil trays, compared to alternative products on the market. We have created these products without compromising the seal integrity and security of seal, which we know is what customers value most.

“We have continued to look at ways of improving the anti-fog further, particularly for those customers who wish to use the aluminium foil tray pack concept for some highly demanding and high added-value food products with which it has traditionally been difficult to maintain lidding film clarity over shelf life. The Fog Buster lidding films have achieved these improvements, thereby allowing the products to look their best on the shelf.”

The Fog Buster range includes high barrier, ultra high barrier and standard barrier ranges, along with a range of thicknesses. The fog buster range can also be supplied with printing and other benefits such as laser perforation for shelf life extension of vegetables.

Charles Smithson adds: “The premium ready meals market is seeing a surge in demand for high-end oven-ready products that are considered as the same quality as ‘home made’. Consumers want to view as much of the product as possible, hence the trend towards minimal sleeve packaging – and the corresponding requirement for a new lidding solution that performs to an even higher specification than our existing highly successful anti-fog film treatments.

“Convenience foods are still about speed but more and more about sophistication of both ingredients and presentation. KM’s vast experience in lidding film technology enables us to identify the key functionalities that would be affected by different processing techniques, storage atmospheres and logistic conditions of any products, thus enabling us to continually evolve new and more sophisticated solutions of our own.”

KM’s Fog Buster comes hot on the heels of other impressive innovations, including a solution for oven-cook casseroles to withstand lengthy roasting times; a breakthrough extending the shelf life of ambient ready meals for up to 12 months; and a pioneering triple tray for fresh ingredients that each demand different packaging atmospheres.

KM Packaging revolutionised the ready meals industry with its lidding films for aluminium foil trays and has since continued to invest in new technologies and flexible packaging solutions. For more information contact +44 (0)1832 274944, email contact@kmpack.co.uk or visit www.kmpack.co.uk.

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