New Packaging Solution for Take Away Fast Food

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New Packaging Solution for Take Away Fast Food

New Packaging Solution for Take Away Fast Food
May 27
11:54 2013
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An American student has designed a new packaging solution for take-away meals.

Aptly named “Togo Burger”, the packaging allows the consumer to transport a burger, fries and drink comfortably in one hand.

Designer Seulbi Kim at the Rhode Island School of Design, United States, said as a result of people leading busy lives, eating habits have changed to favour more take-away foods.

But, she adds, despite the number of designs created for take-out containers, packages intended for the fast-food burger meal still remain underdeveloped.

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“Therefore,” she says, “this package is designed to provide a more convenient way of take-out for fast food industry as well as its customers by designing handy carrier for take-out burger meal consisted of a burger, french-fries, and soda.”

The carrier will halve the volume of existing packages due to Kim’s simplified design. Only a hook, a sleeve and a hole is all that are required to keep the French fries, burger and soda drink respectively in place. This means material use is minimized while also making it easy to carry.

Kim describes her design as compact, practical and convenient, while also allowing more freedom for your other hand.

Indeed, this is one of Kim’s main insights: after observing customers at several fast food restaurants, she realised that staff were giving them unnecessary packages so their hands were full – holding a burger and fries in one hand, and a drink in the other. The same problem occurred when customers requested a bag with handles, and were given a plastic bag. This is because, she said, the bags were not suitable to hold the drink as well as the meal.

Not only does this make it inconvenient to carry the meal, but it also wastes material, which in turn generates environmental waste and pollution.

Because of this, Kim worked to design a packaging solution that minimized the amount of materials used, while maximizing efficiency. Simpler packaging not only benefits customers, but fast food staff too.

Along with the internal mechanisms that keep the contents in place, the packaging features handles that double up as both a carrier and a locking device to keep everything safe. Beside the soda drink, there is also a hole for the straw to go in.

Source: http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2013/03/togo-burger-student-project.html

Image Copyright: Seulbi Kim

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