Novelis unveils ‘high-recycled’ content aluminium for beverage cans

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Novelis unveils ‘high-recycled’ content aluminium for beverage cans

May 08
13:36 2013
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Novelis has produced a new high-recycled content aluminium sheet designed for the beverage can market.

According to the aluminium rolling and recycling giant, with a minimum of 90% recycled aluminum, the Novelis ‘Evercan’  aluminum beverage can body sheet will allow beverage companies to deliver soft drinks, beer and other popular beverages in a low-carbon footprint consumer package.

“We are excited to be able to deliver yet another tangible result of our commitment to sustainable aluminum product innovation,” said Phil Martens, Novelis president and chief executive.

Martens said: “Our Novelis Evercan high-recycled content beverage can body sheet, backed by the industry’s first independent certification program, represents tremendous progress in sustainable consumer products packaging.

“As the world’s leading supplier of aluminum beverage can sheet, this is an important step toward delivering on our ultimate vision of an aluminum can with up to 100% recycled content.”

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