Ouvre at the Louvre…

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Ouvre at the Louvre…

April 22
10:42 2013
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The OTHER edible packaging company WikiCells has announced at the SIAL trade show in France that it will open its first WikiBar close to the Louvre Museum in Paris early next year, with ‘hundreds more’ to follow.

The first bar will offer bite-sizes cheeses and yogurt balls ‘wrapped’ in the edible membrane. But ice cream and even WikiCocktails are a not far off, says the company, which has produced an alcoholic product, which suspends Cointreau in a skin made from orange zest.

The brainchild of Prof David Edwards of Harvard University the gelatinous skin of the WikiCell, while  mostly created from natural particles, also uses biochemical polymer chitosan and alginate, or algae extract. The hard shell of the WikiCells, which protects the form and prevents breakage, is made either from bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugar cane, or from isomalt, a sweetener. WikiCells can be washed like a piece of fruit, eliminating the need for extraneous packaging and can be flavoured to match the contents.

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