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Tesco aims to reduce waste

According to a company’s blog post, Tesco is introducing new compartmental packaging for its two portion chicken fillets, in a bid to reduce food waste. The new pack separates the

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Arla’s Nutrilac HiYield to enable diaries to use 100% milk

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a milk protein-based solution that enables dairies to utilise 100% of their milk in the manufacturing process – with zero by-products or waste. Nutrilac® HiYield

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Starbucks offers discount in support of anti-waste campaign

Starbucks will offer a 50p discount to customers if they bring in their own cup, in response to the publicity surrounding paper coffee cups. The two-month trial starts next month

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A new recycling method for fresh fish boxes allows to obtain insulations for construction

The project EPS-FISH to recycle expanded polystyrene wastes from fresh fish packages finished in late December 2015 with good results. This project, developed by ACTECO PRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS, S.L., with

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UK’s Biggest Brewer Sets Out Environmental Goals

    UK’s Biggest Brewer Sets Out Environmental Goals

Molson Coors (UK & Ireland) has committed to divert all production waste away from landfill for each of its four UK breweries by the end of 2012. Increasing costs and

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