Tate & Lyle research highlights young people are driving growth in bakery

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Tate & Lyle research highlights young people are driving growth in bakery

Tate & Lyle research highlights young people are driving growth in bakery
November 22
10:48 2023
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Tate & Lyle’s new consumer insights report1 reveals significant growth opportunities in the bakery sector, with almost half of young people (45%) buying baked goods daily as they see them as an important part of their diet. Meanwhile, a third of consumers aged 34 and above are also doing the same.

These are just some of the findings and recommendations in Tate & Lyle’s Bakery Digest: What’s driving growth in the European bakery market, which analyses consumers’ consumption and purchasing behaviours across a wide range of bakery products, including bread, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pastries and bars.

Experts at Tate & Lyle, a world leader in ingredient solutions for healthier food and beverages, are calling on manufacturers to recognise the importance of positive nutrition claims in winning over shoppers. The research findings show that while traditional health considerations like sugar and calorie content remain important to consumers, a staggering 67% of consumers ranked additional nutritional benefits as a priority and two-thirds of consumers are likely to choose bakery products with added fibre claims, presenting an opportunity for manufacturers and their customers to attract and retain shoppers.

Lin Peterse, Tate & Lyle’s Category Development Manager for Bakery in Europe, said: “The research findings point to a number of emerging trends and behaviours, including a new focus on wellbeing driven by a more holistic approach to health.

“We’re noticing that there is a lot more focus on positive nutrition claims. In addition to of claims like reduced fat and reduced calories, consumers are increasingly seeking products that are high in fibre or high in protein. As a result, protein bars or high fibre snacks, which used to be considered ‘performance’ products, are becoming more mainstream, and consumers are also starting to look for fibre and protein claims on products like cakes and biscuits.”

In addition to the impact of High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) display regulations in the UK, the report also explores the impact of other regulatory changes like Nutri-Score in certain European countries on buying habits.

For example, two thirds (65%) of consumers said they would like manufacturers to reformulate the recipes of their favourite bakery products so they can still have the convenience of buying them at aisle ends or by checkouts.

“It means manufacturers may need to review some of their formulations to attract new consumers and keep existing ones,” Lin Peterse added.

“But when it comes to product reformulation, it has got to be a balancing act between making products healthier while maintaining quality. For example, if you switch out a large quantity of sugar you will need to find a way to maintain texture and mouthfeel, which might mean adding fibres, such as our PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre.”

As a leader in global nutrition and partner of choice to many of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in Europe and beyond, Tate & Lyle has provided product prototypes to support the industry’s innovation in the bakery sector, which leverage its ingredient solutions including its PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre, Stevia-based natural flavouring ZOLESSE® and source of carbohydrate MALTOSWEET®, among others.

For more information and to download the full report, head to: https://tl.tateandlyle.com/bakery-digest-2023

  1. Methodology – Online surveys with consumers, in collaboration with Coleman Parkes.

Sample size – 1,250 (250 respondents in each market: UK, France, Germany, Spain and Poland).

Audience profile – Consumers aged 18 and over who are the main purchaser of household goods and who purchase bakery products at least once a week.

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