The next generation of on premise consumers: how to win Ireland’s Gen Z spend

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The next generation of on premise consumers: how to win Ireland’s Gen Z spend

The next generation of on premise consumers: how to win Ireland’s Gen Z spend
April 22
11:36 2024
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Gen Z consumers are some of most frequent visitors to Ireland’s pubs, bars and restaurants. However, younger adults have been more affected by the cost-of-living crisis than older consumers – Gen Z spends an average of €122 a month on eating and drinking out €20 less than Ireland’s average of €144.

With their spending under pressure, they need to be engaged with the right combination of value, range and visual appeal.

These are among the insights from CGA by NIQ’s latest OPUS research into people’s engagement with the on premise, which helps suppliers unlock extra spend and build brand loyalty. The exclusive survey shows a third (33%) of adults aged 18-24 go out for a drink at least once a week—9 percentage points more than the 24% average among all consumers.

With disposable incomes under pressure, suppliers and venues need to offer all guests good value for money, but there are many more ways to attract Gen Z. Three in 10 (30%) of these consumers say the range of drinks is an important consideration—11 percentage points more than average—while 25% are attracted by drinks promotions, an over-indexing of 9 percentage points. Young adults are also more likely to be attracted by music, and less likely to be influenced by factors like the quality of food and service.

CGA’s OPUS research reveals many more insights into Gen Z behaviours, including:

  • Their interest in high-tempo venues like nightclubs and late-night bars. Gen Z are 16 and 9 percentage points more likely than average to use these channels.
  • The popularity of cocktails and spirits. Nearly half (47%) of Gen Z drink cocktails while out, and nearly as many (44%) choose spirits—an over-indexing of 12 and 7 percentage points respectively.
  • A mix of brand loyalty and experimentation. Half (51%) of Gen Z consumers say they drink both familiar and new drinks or brands—3 percentage points more than average.
  • The power of social media. One in seven (14%) Gen Z adults says they are more likely to buy a drink because of its ‘Instagrammability’ than they were a year ago—more than double the average of 6%. The same proportion (14%) are also now more likely to pick a brand because it’s trendy.

Sian Brennan, CGA by NIQ’s client director, Ireland, said: “Gen Z are a crucial target market, especially in late-night channels and the spirits category. They are at a stage of their lives where they are ready to begin brand and venue loyalty and share their activities widely among their friends and on social media, creating a powerful and organic form of marketing. Winning their spend isn’t easy at a time of rising costs, so it’s vital to understand their preferences and the right levers to pull to engage them. Suppliers that invest in their Gen Z knowledge and engagement strategies will reap the rewards—not just now but for many years to come.”

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