Yantai Andre Pectin Co. Ltd. has developed rapidly since the last FIE in Frankfurt…

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Yantai Andre Pectin Co. Ltd. has developed rapidly since the last FIE in Frankfurt…

November 10
12:12 2011

A consistent and growing supply of raw materials, an expanding range of pectin products, State of the art facilities coupled with strong technical support make Andre Pectin a force to be reckoned with.
Yantai Andre Pectin Co. Ltd. has developed rapidly since the last FIE in Frankfurt and can now boast the full range of apple and citrus pectins in their ever expanding portfolio. They have just launched brand new pectins for the confectionary and dairy industries.

Andre Pectin started production from their own apples back in 2006. In 2007 they were producing their first citrus pectins and shortly afterwards, low methoxyl pectins. In 2010 they expanded their capacity to more than double by the installation of a second production line for both high and low methoxyl pectins. An investment into a new plant for producing amidated pectins also was finalised in the same year. With both the capacity expansion and the new LMA facility, Andre Pectin completed the crucial step to becoming the long term cost leader in high quality and specialised pectins. “Both, an increased HM capacity and a new product portfolio including a full range of LM and LMA pectin and a reduced production lead time could be achieved through this several million USD investment” said Dr. Thalmann, executive president of Andre Pectin. “As a new world leader in pectin supply, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to producing the highest possible quality products on the market. Our unique raw material position helps us to offer a reliable and technically sound range of pectins for all industry sectors’’.

Andre Pectin’s core management team is an international mix of Western and Chinese people this ensures high standards of service and response times. Many years of pectin experience is also combined within the quality control and application departments; this expert team from China, Germany, UK, USA and Switzerland ensures that Andre Pectin is a service and application oriented provider of solutions. “We really have a United Nations of technical experts in our company!” quips Ernst Thalmann.

Andre Pectin will continue to expand its activities upstream towards the source of pectin raw materials, such as orange and lemon fruits. A first investment into a fruit processing facility has been realised in Sichuan for producing lemon oil and lemon concentrate. This new plant will enable Andre Pectin to offer high quality lemon products and in addition will supply excellent lemon peel for the production of citrus based pectins. This will further strengthen Andre Pectin’s unique position as a fully integrated pectin manufacturer offering excellent pectins to the food and pharmaceutical industries.


New Products
Andre Pectin’s new confectionery pectin APC 105LV is a low viscosity pectin which maintains a low viscosity throughout the confectionery production process. This is of major help to manufactures as this parameter is one of the most important for successful confectionery making.
In addition the Andre team has developed an amidated low methoxyl pectin APC 210C for low acid confectionery such as Turkish delight. When made with pectin the Turkish delight exhibits a clean cut texture and delightful true flavour which is enhanced by using pectin as the gelling agent.
APC200Y was developed specifically for the production of yoghurt. During the fermentation process of yoghurt a casein-aggregate builds up to form an acid milk gel. By adding pectin prior to the fermentation process this acid milk gel formation can be better stabilised because of the excellent water binding capacity of pectin. As a result, the yoghurt will be firmer with significant reduction of syneresis and a superior creamy mouth feel. A broad variety of texture and mouthfeel properties are easily achievable by altering the pectin concentration.


A new range of pectin types for milk stabilisation has been developed for both, protein protection and providing texture to acidified dairy drinks. These pectins are characterised by different protein stabilisation capacities and giving different mouth feel to dairy drinks.

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