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Doehler’s new QCheck Kit ensures brewing safety

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Doehler’s new QCheck Kit ensures brewing safety

January 14
11:46 2016
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Distributionsbox-3_Brewers-QCheck-KitThe Brewers QCheck Kit is an all-in-one solution that allows the checking of the entire brewing process starting from the raw materials all the way to filling, and therefore offering comprehensive microbiological safety. This development means that breweries can now reach the highest level of product safety for unreserved beer indulgence.

It contains everything for the microbiological control to guarantee the safety of the entire brewing process. The Brewers QCheck Kit is safe and easy to use: a clear color change indicates when spoilage microorganisms are present. The Brewers QCheck Kit requires absolutely no preliminary work and can be used immediately.

Dr Sabine Mueller at Doehler said: “The demands we had from small to mid sized breweries, microbreweries and craft breweries was high. They are aware of the importance of quality control, but have currently limited equipment to do it. The solution we provide allows them to ensure quality control of the entire process without expert knowledge and expensive equipment.”
“To our knowledge there are no other products/kits on the market allowing such a comprehensive testing of all samples in breweries as well as to conduct a hygiene monitoring of the production lines. Its early days but the feedback has amazing – first orders have already been placed; a lot of smaller breweries have now the chance to do quality control in an easy way.” she added.

The Brewers QCheck Kit consists of three different culture media: LMC concentrate, NBB-B and NBB-B-Am tubes. Critical indicator microorganisms can be immediately and reliably detected, for example, in water analysis with LMC concentrate. With the ready-to-use NBB-B tubes, it is possible to detect beer spoiling microorganisms Lactobacilli, Pediococci, Pectinatus and Megasphaera in yeast as well as beer that is clear and yeast-turbid.

These tools and ready-to-use culture media allow all raw materials as well as production and dispensing units to be analyzed without expert knowledge and expensive laboratory equipment. An illustrated manual ensures correct kit usage. Thanks to the optimized composition of the culture media, the test results are conclusive and reliable.

There are now more than 8,000 craft and microbreweries worldwide, and the number is increasing daily. They create innovative beers with high standards for taste, quality and uniqueness. With low investment costs and without comprehensive knowledge of microbiology, small breweries can meet these standards with the new Brewers QCheck Kit.

The Brewers QCheck™ Kit offers you an all-in-one solution with easy-to-use culture media for detecting beverage spoiling microorganisms in all samples arising in breweries.

Döhler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, ingredient systems, and integrated solutions for the food and industries. Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Döhler has 23 production and 24 application centres, 50 sales offices, and sales representation in over 130 countries. More than 3,000 employees provide integrated food & beverage solutions from concept to realisation.

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