Labcell Introduces Innovative Dip-style Digital Refractometer

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Labcell Introduces Innovative Dip-style Digital Refractometer

May 02
09:08 2013
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Labcell is adding the Atago Pen Pro dip-style digital refractometer to its range of instrumentation for the food and drink industries. This high-quality, fast and accurate instrument is believed to be unique in that it can be dipped into vessels without product samples having to be removed for testing. In non-homogeneous products, the mix can be stirred with the ‘pen’ refractometer until the reading stabilises on the integral display.

Very easy to use, the Pen Pro refractometer generates readings in around 2 seconds and, because readings are continuous, any inhomogeneity can be readily identified. The measurement range is 0.0 to 85.0% Brix with an accuracy of +/-0.2%. Temperature-compensated Brix measurements can be made in any liquids, sauces or pastes with temperatures of 10-100 degrees C.

Because the entire instrument is waterproof, it can be simply rinsed under the tap before the next reading is taken. A further useful feature is the patent-pending ELI (External Light Interference) technology that provides a simple warning if ambient light might interfere with the reading – in which case, the instrument can simply be shielded by hand.

The Atago Pen Pro digital refractometer is available for rapid delivery from Labcell, complete with a calibration certificate if requested. A data sheet can be downloaded directly from the Labcell website at www.labcell.com or contact the company with specific enquiries by telephone on +44 (0)1420 568150 or email mail@labcell.com.

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