Redpack Length Extensions Provides Pack House Satisfaction

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Redpack Length Extensions Provides Pack House Satisfaction

Redpack Length Extensions Provides Pack House Satisfaction
July 18
09:13 2012
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Redpack Packaging Machinery is currently assembling two P325 flow wrapping machines with product infeeds that are 10metres and 8 metres long. One is a repeat order for a P325E flow wrapping machine with 10 metre infeed to wrap punnets of grapes; it will provide enough space for up to six operators weigh and pack stations.

When the grapes are packed an unwrapped lidded punnet the flowrapper is used as a production conveyor and the punnets pass through without being flowrapped but allowing a labeller on the product outfeed to apply a label to the lid.

The second P325S-FI stainless steel flow wrapping machine is for flowrapping trayless apples in 4-6-8-10 “soldier pack” formation. The 8 metre frictionless infeed allows plenty of room for up to 6 operators to load apples and the front of the infeed guarding can be swung away to allow full access to the pusher mechanism and drive chains for hygienic clean down.

For further information contact Redpack Packaging Machinery on Tel +44 (0)1603 722280, E-mail sales@redpack.co.uk.

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