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June 15
11:32 2012

Introducing YASO® from Fitorex: innovative, whole, sprouted soya for creating healthy bakery products with high protein, low carb and high dietary fibre with gluten-free options:

A growing number of people believe their health can be improved by eliminating certain foodstuffs from their diet and ten percent of the European population identify themselves as intolerant to gluten. For these people, YASO® is a welcome development in bakery, as it contains no gluten, lactose or cholesterol, no additives and no chemicals. YASO® is a 100% natural raw material for premium bakery products.

YASO® is non-GM whole soya, sprouted under strictly controlled conditions, pasteurized and packed ready for use. It brings a completely new, wholefood dimension to the use of soya in baking. Until YASO®, food ingredient forms of soya offered to the bakery industry have been byproducts of the soya oil industry (soyameal, concentrates, isolates) and their nutritional value has been degraded in the process. In contract, YASO® enhances the nutritional value of soya through a patented special sprouting process. During germination, enzyme stores in soya naturally activate and increase the nutritional value of the soya bean to provide for strong growth into a healthy new plant. Nutrients that increase significantly include isoflavanoids, betacarotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and dietary fibre. Carbohydrates and proteins are also converted into less complex forms. Thanks to the natural process of sprouting, YASO® has better nutritional values, better taste and can be digested more easily than raw soya.

The owners of Fitorex have more than 40 years of expertise in R&D and business development of natural products. Searching to create something new and healthy for everyday use by health conscious customers, the inventors of YASO® were inspired to combine the unique nutritional composition of soya, the health advantages of sprouted foods and the complexity of processing on an industrial scale to produce a unique ingredient for food manufacture and catering that is a world first. Fitorex have created delicious recipes using YASO® in bakery, snacks, pasta, functional food, meat free and meat industry applications.

Sale and Marketing Manager, Lidia Szabo says YASO® is remarkably versatile and has been of particular interest in the bakery sector as gluten free products with reduced carbohydrate are unique. As a good source of complete protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and omega 3 & 6 combined with low carbohydrate, YASO® is well suited for special diets, particularly for diabetics, weight loss management and gluten free diets. Fitorex has developed YASO® crispbread: a low carb, high dietary fibre cracker bread without yeast, with high protein and omega 3 & 6 content. It contains 26% protein and 15% fibre with only 39% carbohydrate. Fitorex offers the crispbread to private label customers with spelt, different spices and gluten free varieties. Not only are the nutritional values good: it tastes delicious!


Lidia Szabo, Head of Sales and Marketing, Fitorex, u. 3/A, Montevideo, Budapest, 1037- Hungary.

Tel: +36 20 210 4927. Email: szabo.lidia@yaso.hu. www.yaso.hu


Terry Young, UK Representative, Tel: +44 7761 752095. Email: terry.young@yasofoods.com.

Terry Young
Fitorex Ltd.
H-1037 Budapest
Montevideo u. 3/A
tel: +44 7761 752095

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