Baltika Praha and Baltika München

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Baltika Praha and Baltika München

July 01
11:44 2013
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Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands / United Kingdom.

As Europe’s best selling beer, Baltika decided to add 2 new line extensions for the Russian market. Baltika Praha and Baltika München both offer the unique combination of world renowned recipes brewed by the leading Russian brewery. After winning a competitive pitch CARTILS continued to work of the project which focused on combing the famous heritage of both regions with that of the Baltika brand, together creating a unique offering.

Baltika studied hundreds of recipes of Czech pilsners and German wheat beers and selected the best of those. These recipes form the basis of 2 new products, a range that combines nostalgic characteristics with a modern touch. Similarly CARTILS brought these nostalgic elements with a modern touch into the design of the new product development: The flowing shoulders bring across a feeling of a well-known traditional beer bottle shape, often used in “historic” bottles, whereas combined with a contemporary foot and a brand specific embossing area in which the label sits, the bottle is modernised to reflect both characters of the brand as well as reflecting its premium character. The label design has a consistent architecture throughout the range, in which a white coloured top of the front label with the new Baltika brand Identity emphasizes the mother-brand by which the beer expertise of Baltika is emphasized. The rest of the label is in Czech/Munich style: specific base colour, patterns and illustration as well as a unique variant name writing communicating the atmosphere of the origin of the product recipe. A text on the bottom of the neck label explains the concepts.

The end result is two unique products with distinctive designs for the Russian market, through the combinations of historical recipes and beer heritage with that of the brand Baltika and its quality and innovation.


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