Campbell’s Leave no Room for Error in its Product Inspection Processes

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Campbell’s Leave no Room for Error in its Product Inspection Processes

May 15
09:25 2013
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The traditional company Campbell’s has a comprehensive quality assurance policy. The production site in Lübeck, Germany, relies on METTLER
TOLEDO Garvens and Safeline production inspection technology.

Campbell’s is one of the largest producers worldwide of high quality soups, ready meals and snacks and is based in the USA.

The company operates its European business from its headquarters inBelgium and has a German site in Lübeck, amongst other locations.The site has 500 employees and is where Campbell’s Germany GmbH produces tasty soups and stews as well as ready meals and liquid instant snack products under the Erasco brand name.

For over ten years now, the company has been putting its trust in dynamic production inspection solutions and static bench scales from METTLER TOLEDO in order to fulfil the food industry’s requirements for safe consumer products. In Lübeck, dynamic weighing technology from METTLER TOLEDO Garvens and metal detectors from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline are used for quality assurance.

XE3 and XS3 protect the brand reputation and consumers Consumer protection and protection of brand reputation have always been high priorities for Campbell’s. Two Garvens XS3 checkweighers have been providing a reliable service and monitoring production for many years. The latest purchases at the Lübeck site are two additional powerful Garvens checkweighers – type XE3. Thomas Kazmierczak, the technical manager at Campbell’s in Lübeck is very happy “that we were also able to get a reliable and precise solution for weighing stand-up pouches from METTLER TOLEDO, as we had already had positive experiences with the Garvens XS checkweighers and other METTLER TOLEDO scales and inspection systems that we had purchased in previous years. “Without the dynamic weighing technology which ensures 100% checking of products in current production, Campbell’s would run the risk of violating the German finished packaging regulations. As well as protecting consumers from receiving underfilled products, it is just as important to carry out fill quantity checking in order to avoid costly overfilling. Dynamic checkweighers can ensure more exact filling processes and considerable savings, meaning that an investment in this type of solution pays for itself in a very short time.

High flexibility and fast product changeover The large number of products produced by Campbell’s means that the production line has to be switched over to a different product relatively frequently. METTLER TOLEDO Garvens checkweighers can handle these kinds of product changeover both quickly and easily. Indeed, everything is quickly taken care of by pressing just a few buttons and possibly making one or two quick and easy adjustments, allowing production to get back up and running immediately. Costly downtimes are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Another important factor in the decision to use the new Garvens XE3 checkweighers was the low maintenance costs and long service life. Here, the company relied on its positive experience with the Garvens checkweigher and was not disappointed. For Thomas Kazmierczak and his team, however, ease of use thanks to the excellent user navigation system rated just as highly. Obviously, value for money also played an important part in this investment.

Looking back, staff at Campbell’s are extremely satisfied, as the systems are working very well and they have hardly encountered any issues. The technical solutions from METTLER TOLEDO have thoroughly impressed everyone at Campbell’s in day-to-day use. The company decided to use METTLER TOLEDO for periodic maintenance of the checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray systems and is equally impressed by the customer service as by the equipment itself.

METTLER TOLEDO offers a full range of inline checking solutions, including checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and optical inspection technology. In addition to high-quality product inspection solutions, METTLER TOLEDO excels thanks to its extensive, worldwide service network. This makes METTLER TOLEDO the ideal partner for quality-conscious companies with stringent quality requirements such as Campbell’s.

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