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Danone marks industry first with launch of new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula

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Danone marks industry first with launch of new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula

Danone marks industry first with launch of new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula
July 07
09:52 2022
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Danone has launched the first ever Dairy and Plants Blend baby formula, in response to parents’ desire for vegetarian and flexitarian options for their baby. Plant-based consumption is growing substantially, with over one-third [37%] of EU consumers1 choosing a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet, and almost 70% [69%] of parents now preferring their children eat more plant-based foods.2 Until now, there have been few options for parents if they decide to move on from breastmilk, and want to make food choices that are healthy, more plant-based and good for the planet.

Drawing on over 50 years of advanced breastmilk research and experience in pioneering plant-based products, Danone has developed the new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula – a nutritionally complete3 formulation that combines the best of both dairy and plants. The new baby formula is the 1st specifically created for a vegetarian diet, and is the 1st blended formula for healthy babies in which more than half the required protein is derived from soy.

Soy is a well-established ingredient in baby formulas and is recognized as a suitable source of plant-based protein for infant and follow-on formulas.4 In the Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula, 60% of the protein is sourced from high-quality, non-GMO soy, and 40% comes from the dairy ingredients, casein and whey protein. The new formula also contains the key dairy ingredient lactose – an important source of carbohydrates for babies, and an essential nutrient found in breastmilk.

With its mild taste of plants, the Dairy & Plants Blend formula is also intended to help familiarize babies and toddlers with plant flavours in a gentle way, which can help shape future food preferences.

Commenting on the launch, Manuela Borella, Vice President, Global Plant Based Strategy & Business Acceleration, explained, “As a mother of four, I appreciate parents want the very best nutrition for their baby’s healthy growth and development. At Danone, we also recognize many parents want to introduce plant-based, vegetarian and flexitarian options into their baby’s diet, while still meeting their baby’s specific nutritional requirements. Our new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula has been developed with these needs top of mind.”

Compared to other powdered formulas,5 the Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula will have a carbon footprint approximately 30% lower per pack. The higher share of plant-based ingredients in the Dairy & Plants Blend formula milk and its fully-recyclable packaging will contribute to the lower carbon footprint.

Danone’s Dairy & Plants Blend formula is being launched first in the Netherlands – under the Nutrilon brand, and in other countries later this year – under the global Aptamil brand.

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