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DelvoCheese CT-Light Released by DSM

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DelvoCheese CT-Light Released by DSM

July 13
10:58 2016
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cheeseThe DSM company has expanded its portfolio of Continental cheese solutions to adapt to what it sees as the customer need for healthier alternatives. DelvoCheese CT-Light is considered to improve the texture and taste of low-fat cheese, creating the impression of a full-fat product but with less calories.

Continental cheeses, such as Manchego, Gouda and Edam, each have a distinct flavour profile and are nutrient-dense, DSM notes, going on to remark that they provide protein, calcium, and vitamins A and B12, but are often high in fat. Efforts to reduce fat content have been challenging, the company claims, with consumers unwilling to accept the resulting changes to taste and texture.

DelvoCheese CT-Light is designed to allow cheesemakers to create continental cheeses using low-fat milk with the same taste texture that consumers expect from a full-fat product. During the cheese making process, the culture replaces fat with water without any negative impact on physical or sensory properties, according to DSM. With DelvoCheese CT-Light, fat can be reduced by 30% or more, alongside a significant cut in calories. This is done without additives or stabilizers.

“Consumers today are increasingly looking for ways to get the best nutrition they can, without compromising on taste,” said Gert van den Hoven, Product Application Specialist for Cheese at DSM. “Low-fat or reduced-fat cheese is something they can really feel good about. It is made with all-natural ingredients, is nutritious and, when manufactured with our cultures, has the same taste and indulgence as the original versions.”

DSM has ingredients the improve the taste, texture, quality, nutritional value of food products. The company is successful of distributing the world’s favorite food, beverage and dietary supplement brands. DSM’s food ingredients is used in an assortment of dairy, baking, fruit juice, beer, wine, savory and functional food segments.

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