Egg-citing pack boils breakfast!

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Egg-citing pack boils breakfast!

April 22
10:10 2013
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Self-heating and cooling technology in packaging is a market very much on the move and looks set to be expanding from just beverage cans to other packaging formats. Something special in this line is a new egg pack, called Gogol Mogol, designed by Russian company Kian, which is more than just an egg carton.It ‘boils’ the egg in the packaging!

This novel egg carton concept is made out of recycled paperboard. But the packaging also contains a device to boil the eggs stored inside. Gogol Mogol cartons come with a unspecified substance under the first paperboard layer, separated by a membrane, which can be removed when a small label is pulled off. This causes the substance to mix, creating a chemical reaction, which is enough to heat up the egg stored inside.

Within a few minutes, when consumers open the cover of the egg packaging, it has been cooked through to present them with a hot breakfast or snack – very handy in the zero temperatures experienced in Russia! So now it is possible to have some warm food with our self-heating coffee cup.

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