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Good news to beef processors: Increase production yield – enhance product quality

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Good news to beef processors: Increase production yield – enhance product quality

November 10
11:08 2011
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BHJ Protein Foods is now launching SCANPRO BEEF 95, a high functional beef protein developed for injection, pre-emulsions or for dry addition into almost any beef application.

With outstanding and market leading functionality, SCANPRO BEEF 95 binds water and fat in a ratio 1:10-20. This provides a number of qualitative characteristics to meat products, and gives manufacturers an attractive cost benefit.

Depending on the product and extension level, SCANPRO BEEF 95 reduces the cooking loss by up to 6 % – improving yield substantially.

As SCANPRO BEEF 95 is a neutrally flavoured, fine white protein powder, it does not affect the flavour or the colour of the end product.

Texture building
SCANPRO BEEF 95 has a unique functionality which helps improve the texture of a wide range of meat products. In injected and reformed beef products, it improves the sliceability, as it contributes to elasticity and a firm structure.

Reduction of purge
SCANPRO BEEF 95 has an outstanding water binding capacity, resulting in an excellent syneresis control, leaving a better looking product with reduced risk of microbiological problems.

Beef to beef
With SCANPRO BEEF 95, BHJ Protein Foods now offers a complete assortment of beef-based protein solutions, covering everything from high functional gelling and emulsifying agents to hydrolyzed proteins and beef soup stocks.

“We are pleased to complete our assortment again with a high functional beef protein, allowing manufacturers to improve beef-based products with beef-based protein ingredients. With SCANPRO BEEF 95, we now offer a beef-based protein solution to any need,” says Per Birk Mønsted, Vice President Sales and Marketing, BHJ Protein Foods.

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