GoodMills’ proud of its low-dust technical processing flours

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GoodMills’ proud of its low-dust technical processing flours

February 09
09:56 2016
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GoodMills Innovation has enjoyed success in the German Health and Safety Prize 2015. The company’s low-dust technical processing flours achieved second place in the category “technological solutions for small and midsized companies”. Its processing flours create significantly less dust than comparable products from other suppliers and can help to prevent or reduce problems associated with job-related respiratory diseases.

Prior to the award, a four-person expert panel examined the science behind the flours, as well as their technical aspects and methods of production.

The particular properties of the flours are attributable to the special hydrothermic processes used in their production. These reduce dust development by up to 85 per cent compared with all-purpose flour. Thus, significant improvements in room air can be achieved, with positive health benefits for bakery employees. The flours also score when it comes to hygiene – thanks to their antistatic effect and the fact that enzymes are deactivated by the thermal treatment.

Cleaning production plants and machinery becomes simpler and microorganisms which cause mould growth and mildew spots are significantly reduced. Additionally, dough pieces don’t stick to process surfaces such as conveyor belts and proofing trays. Experience has also shown that technical equipment and filter systems require less maintenance.

“Baker’s asthma is still one of the most common job-related respiratory diseases,” says Kai Worzler, Product Manager Bakery at GoodMills Innovation GmbH. “Our products make working life easier for many bakers and can contribute to improved health. We are proud to have been recognized with this award, as it confirms that our investment in R&D is worthwhile.”

The GoodMills Innovation portfolio of processing flours includes three flagship brands: Ping-Pong 500, Tip-Top Ultra Clean and Tip-Top Ultra Clean Spezial. Ping-Pong 500 has already won awards. In 2010, a German employer’s liability insurance association honoured it with an award for its disease-preventing properties. In addition, in a comparable test of nine different low-dust products conducted by the German institute for grain processing (IGV), Ping-Pong 500 came out on top.

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