Ingredion Launches Sweetener to Meet Demands of Health-conscious Consumers

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Ingredion Launches Sweetener to Meet Demands of Health-conscious Consumers

Ingredion Launches Sweetener to Meet Demands of Health-conscious Consumers
May 13
14:33 2020
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Ingredion EMEA has launched its first polyol sweetener, ERYSTA® Erythritol. The sweetener enables manufacturers to reduce or replace sugar to achieve nutrition-related claims, such as ‘no added sugar’ or ‘calorie-reduced’, in multiple applications.

ERYSTA® Erythritol supports functional build back and sweetness when sugar is removed in products including ice cream, desserts and chocolate confectionery, while providing consumers with the mouthfeel and texture that they expect in their favourite products. Other applications include baked goods, beverages and fruit preparations.

Working with culinology and technical experts at Ingredion’s Idea Labs® innovation centres across the region, manufacturers can collaborate on recipe formulation to develop new and on-trend products with a focus on getting to market quickly. From a decadent low-calorie chocolate brownie ice cream with reduced sugar, to a sumptuous no added sugar rhubarb and rose cordial, food and beverage producers can create products that tap into the consumer demand for healthier alternatives that still deliver on taste, texture and an indulgent eating experience.

Rodolfo Garza, Regional Growth Platform Leader, Marketing, at Ingredion EMEA, says: “Increasingly health-conscious shoppers are paying close attention to the sugar and calorie content of their favourite foods. In fact, 64% of consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa say that a ‘low in calories’ claim is important to them when buying food or drinks[1].

“But consumers want it all – the guilt-free indulgence of lower-sugar, lower-calorie alternatives. European consumers in particular seek pleasure and health in equal measure[2], but the challenge for manufacturers is delivering the same functional properties in a product when sugar is removed. ERYSTA® Erythritol delivers around 70% sweetness compared to sugar, delivering functional and textural properties such as bulking, ease of processing and mouthfeel enhancement when replacing sugar in formulations.”

Ingredion’s range of Erythritol sweeteners include ERYSTA® C40 Erythritol crystalline particle size and ERYSTA® C100 Erythritol fine particle size for high and low moisture applications. Produced by fermentation, it has zero calorie content (measured according to EU Regulations, as compared to 2.4 kcal/g for other polyol alternatives), enabling manufacturers to make consumer-winning energy reduction claims*. When used as part of a sweetener system in certain applications, there are synergistic effects to boost sweetness of the product.

[1] Ingredion ATLAS Research, 2019

[2] Mintel: What’s next for sugar reduction in Europe? Food Ingredients Europe, 2019

* Manufacturers are advised to satisfy themselves regarding the use, labelling and suitability of Ingredion’s products in their final products. In particular, food additives (for example, sweeteners) should be used in accordance with the relevant local regulations.

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