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Linpac produces new outdoor dining solutions

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Linpac produces new outdoor dining solutions

May 09
11:08 2016
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BBQ-RANGE-MEAT-2-620x330Fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has a range of solutions for packers, retailers and caterers gearing up for the summer season.

Entertaining at home and dining al-fresco are favourite leisure activities across Europe and consumers are becoming more adventurous when it comes to their menu choices. Whilst sausages and hamburgers remain popular, marinated chicken, exotic fish and flavoursome side salads are all finding their way to the table as health-conscious consumers choose foods with added nutritional value.

LINPAC has a strong portfolio of trays for a variety of meat, fish and poultry products that have been designed to maintain the quality and freshness of packed product for longer. As a result, retail sales increase due to improved pack presentation and in-store mark-downs and food waste are reduced.

Dr Helene Roberts, marketing and innovation director at LINPAC, said: “With a range of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), split pack solutions and multi-compartment packs, LINPAC can ensure customers have the most suitable tray for their needs, delivering maximum returns on investment.

“Beyond the conventional meat tray, our multi-compartment packs enable complementary sauces and marinades to be included in-pack, addressing consumer demand for more convenient, flavoursome meat dishes.

“Meanwhile, our split packs help consumers minimise food waste at home by dividing contents into separate portion-sized, sealed compartments. The consumer can buy a tray of four chicken fillets, open one side of the pack and use two of them, then put the remaining two back in the fridge in a pack which is still completely sealed, with all the properties of an unopened pack. We know that too often, when consumers use regular packs, some of the contents end up in the bin if they don’t get put on the barbecue.”

For accompanying cold foods, such as salads, dips, fresh pasta, olives, tapas and vegetables, the LINPAC Freshware range, including pyramid packs, deliver stylish presentation and make food service easier and more convenient.

In time for the summer season, LINPAC has added to its Freshware range with a pyramid pack design that now includes a vented lid for the rapidly growing whole vegetable snacking market.

Dr Roberts added: “The crystal clear nature of rPET showcases the product and the attractive design ensures the product stands out on the supermarket shelf and on the table. With the added benefit of a strong environmental profile, the packs can be simply opened and put out on the table for use before they can be cleared away for recycling – a great solution for at home party dining.”

LINPAC also offers a range of tableware solutions for caterers and party hosts to plate up meals in style. The LINdis® R single use tableware range for cold foods is a premium, contemporary alternative to paper, high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and board ranges. Furthermore, it has been developed with the environment front of mind. Manufactured from up to 95% rPET, LINdis R is a more sustainable alternative to the more traditional types of single service tableware being fully recyclable after use.

For hot and cold foods, the Trimplate® range of EPS tableware is lightweight and durable. It includes the TP4/3 plate, which is divided into three compartments to provide perfect portion control and keep meat, side sauces and salads separate from each other to enhance food presentation.

“For packers to party hosts, LINPAC is able to offer a packaging solution which ensures food is presented well on the shelf and at home,” said Dr Roberts. “Our customers benefit from the breadth of our portfolio which can address multiple needs at once whilst maintaining the innovative quality that LINPAC is well-known for.”

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