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February 06
11:13 2013
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People in India are accustomed to eat warm, home cooked meals at work. These tiffins are delivered everyday by special deliverymen, the dabbawalas. The food is transported in special containers called tiffin-boxes. Restaurant Mayur introduces this concept in Amsterdam in a new jacket.

 Do you feel like having a different meal than your daily sandwich from the deli, a ready- to-eat salad from the supermarket or a quick snack? Then treat yourself to a convenience meal from Mayur, the best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam.

Mayur’s Indian meals are not only delicious and healthy but also very easy. After the exquisite meals are delivered at your venue they only have to be heated in the microwave. There for the package became very popular at Hotels and company caterers who wish to serve top quality “room” service or executive meals.

Mayur Indian Delight Packaging:   The Mayur meals will not be delivered in the traditional tiffin-boxes but in a special wrapping system developed by Shieltronics. Thanks to the Shieltron Microwave foil system each dish reaches its ideal temperature when heated. Therefore your yoghurt (raita) or salad stays cool even though it goes into the microwave with the rest of the convenience mealbox. Because you can heat the meal yourself, it gives you the flexibility to eat whenever it suits you. The fresh & chilled meals have an expiry date of 8 days. Due to the “ Chef Quality Mayur”  meal even hotels discovered the benefit from 24/7 roomservice.   With out the overhead costs of an inhouse kitchen and own Chef the reception staff only needs to time it and plate the Mayur Meal in 4 minutes in order to present a quality room service meal.

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