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MP 35 Mobile Robotic Palletiser – Compact, Versatile and Economical

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MP 35 Mobile Robotic Palletiser – Compact, Versatile and Economical

MP 35 Mobile Robotic Palletiser – Compact, Versatile and Economical
October 09
11:08 2013
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PHS and Costi have installed several unique MP35 robotic palletising systems in the UK within the food industry, to handle up to 8 production lines with 1 robot. The systems are very compact taking little floor space, fully automatic and simple to operate. The robot can also be used for distributing the empty pallets from multiple floor mounted stacks, or by use of a transfer car system which can also collect full loads to transfer to one of their Tosa wrapping machines.

The system can handle both Euro and GKN Chep pallets at the same time as required. The robot can also collect base and interlayer sheets as required. Packs arrive on a common case conveyor and are bar code scanned and sorted into the respective lanes to be picked by the robot, if required the cases are pre turned.

Any mis-read bar codes or other products are fed to a manual off take position for manual palletising. Full pallets can be collected by the transfer car should pallet conveyors be supplied with the system.

Experts in Palletising & Depalletising Solutions.

The complete system is monitored from the HMI operator terminal, with pallet pattern selection and production monitoring as standard. This very flexible palletising system can handle many different types of product and pallet patterns at the same time.

The robotic cell is fully guarded and uses light curtains to protect the operators, along with interlocked safety gates. Should you have a palletising requirement, then please contact PHS, who have 50 years of experience with many types of palletising solution available, with full UK after sales support service.

For further information contact PHS on Tel +44 (0)845 265 75 70, Fax +44 (0)845 2657571, Email or visit

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