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Fresher for Longer

February 27
15:17 2013
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Planglow Introduces Shelf Life Enhancing Packaging Products Through Website & Catalogue 

Leading labelling & packaging provider Planglow, has introduced a new ‘Fresher for Longer’ stamp to its website and catalogue against certain packaging items. Used in conjunction with its wedge, bloomer and tortilla wrap pack products, Fresher for Longer marks the completion of the company’s twelve month roll-out of a new bio film, part of its on-going investment in product innovation and enhancement.

Marketing Director Rachael Sawtell explains, “Innovation is at the very heart of our business and we seek to offer products that are the best they can be – both now and in the future. We are always on the lookout for further ways to fine-tune each and every one of the 400+ items in our extended product range with performance, look and competitive pricing all very carefully considered.

“Over the past twelve months we have introduced a pioneering plant-based bio laminate to as many of our packaging items as is appropriate – the latest development in the on-going evolution of our products. We are the only company currently offering items lined with this marvellous material which enhances overall performance and structure, as well as potentially extending the shelf life of your sandwiches and wraps!

“This is due to a number of recent improvements to the construction of certain products, as well as the introduction of the laminate. When combined, these two factors help to keep foods ‘Fresher for Longer’ – something that has been successfully trialled with a number of our customers. Look out for the Fresher for Longer stamp, which will soon be appearing on our website, to see which products now benefit”.
In terms of full benefits, Planglow’s bio laminate:

  • Safeguards shelf life of produce packaged in wedges, bloomers and tortilla wrap packs
  • Provides all products with a superior barrier against oily dressings and rich fillings
  • Serves as a window in all windowed products bypassing the need for a separate windowing process. This also reduces costs – a saving the company are pleased to be able to pass on to their customers
  • Is fully certified to the European (EN13432) norms for compostable packaging, and is also certified as home compostable too. This means the bio laminate biodegrades in a waste water environment and can be disposed of in a home compost heap

If you’d like to test the shelf life of your produce with Planglow’s Fresher for Longer packaging items, please contact our Customer Service team to arrange samples. Please visit www.planglow.com for full details of Planglow’s Fresher for Longer products.

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