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Puratos launches new generation S500

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Puratos launches new generation S500

February 13
09:33 2013
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With New S500 & S500 Sense, Puratos launches a new generation of all-purpose bread improvers under its successful improver brand. Thanks to new enzyme technology S500 can now be used in all bread applications and in many more process conditions. True to its tradition, S500 continues to offer absolute peace of mind and the best quality.

Since its launch in 1975, S500 has been a world leader in bread improvement. Bakers worldwide have recognized S500 as a high-quality improver that gives absolute security during all stages of baking. Over the years, Puratos has continued to invest in new enzyme technologies to ensure S500 is the best quality improver. “We have developed a completely new formulation of our New S500 to meet the current fluctuations in flour quality and the increasing demand for consistent quality. The new generation S500 contains Puratos new Xylanese technology and additional freshness enzymes, reinforcing its place as the best on the market. It is indeed the best thing to happen to S500 since S500,” says Marketing Manager Lydia Baines.

The benefits are better than ever

The new generation S500 offers you security in many more bakery applications; from soft to crusty, in white and wholemeal, in rolls, breads and baguettes – even in Danish pastries and croissants. It can be used in a wider range of processes such as direct, retarded, long fermentation, and even in short freezing. You only need one improver! New S500 provides consistent high quality breads regardless of the flour quality used giving you absolute peace of mind. The superior dough tolerance and increased machineability ensure that you always have the best product with regular shape and outstanding volume – even when over-proofing!

S500 Sense for the perfect bread

S500 Sense not only has all the benefits of tolerance, volume, versatility and freshness of New S500, but it also contains a natural sourdough flavour for the ‘perfect’ bread. Development of the unique natural sourdough flavour in S500 Sense is based on sensorial analysis conducted in the UK identifying the British consumers’ preferred bread flavour. “Really tasty, full of flavour”, “just right”, “tasted like home baked bread – lovely!” were just a few of the comments from consumer panels in the final tests, says Baines.

The best in the market

New S500 and S500 Sense have been thoroughly tested in a comprehensive benchmark study involving a wide selection of improvers from the UK market. “It is safe to say that with New S500 & S500 Sense we have the best all-purpose improvers in the market,” says Baines. “This is why we are launching them with a money-back-guarantee. We are absolutely confident that New S500 & S500 Sense will exceed your expectations that we will offer a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied” (terms & conditions apply, see So trust the best and try New S500 & S500 Sense.

For more information on New S500 and S500 Sense please send email to:

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