Study Shows Degree of Frustration with Packaging Design

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Study Shows Degree of Frustration with Packaging Design

February 06
15:07 2013
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According to a major research study, a whopping 85% of recipients said they had experienced some frustration when opening packaging.

The quantitative survey, carried out to identify customers’ packaging concerns, has recognized the 10 most frustrating types of packaging, and also examines attitudes across different age ranges.

The opening difficulties far outweighed environmental concerns such as unnecessary over-packaging for most consumers.

The research was carried out by JRA Research on behalf of Payne, a packaging specialist who is delivering information of its new market tactic, Packaging Resolved, at the end of the month at the EU Packaging Summit in Berlin. The new positioning will focus on providing solutions to four main areas of packaging mishaps, in protecting, informing, opening and closing. Germany’s capital will also see the unveiling of the research’s full results.

Packaging Design Frustrations

Martin Dallas, Payne’s managing director said opening difficulties with packaging were at the forefront of people’s minds.

“…concerns about over-packaging only became more prevalent when consumers were prompted on the subject, whereas difficulties in opening a pack or having to use scissors or other sharp instruments to gain entry were very much front of mind all the time.”

The research incorporated responses from 500 UK participants in online interviews, with an equal male to female ratio.

Payne said Packaging Resolved would help consumers associate positive perceptions with brands when their packaging is multi-functional and user-convenient, with features such as easy opening and releasable packs. This can also support brand positioning and image.

In addition to the research, Payne are to shortly launch their Packaging Resolved Facebook page where customers can provide feedback on their packaging experiences with their favourite and least favourite types.

Dallas concludes that packaging a key communication medium for brands, with packaging becoming a fundamental part of brand experience. He said that while people can feel good about a product and brand when packaging works, they could also feel negative connotations with a brand when it does not work well.

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