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Crown Food Europe launches new product for dry food market

    Crown Food Europe launches new product for dry food market

Peelfit, a new proprietary metal can designed specifically for the dry food market, has been launched by Crown Food Europe. Manufactured in the UK, Peelfit addresses demands for greater convenience,

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Amcor’s new metal-free transparent packaging

Amcor Flexibles has introduced AmLite Ultra, a new metal-free transparent packaging in a bid to respond to consumer packaging trends and deliver more sustainable packaging solutions. Marco Hilty vice president

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Palsgaard broadens sustainable palm offering

After having supplied sustainable palm-based emulsifiers for some years, Palsgaard has announced it is now also able to deliver a broad range of emulsifiers based on segregated certified palm oil.

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Corrugated trays are true to form for Fish and Chips

A rapidly growing number of the UK’s 10,500 fish and chip shops are opting for higher quality and sustainable corrugated takeaway containers as their primary choice of packaging to meet

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Greiner supplies on-the-go packaging for Parmentine

Greiner Packaging is supplying handy and sustainable packaging for Parmentine’s new ready-to-eat potato dish. The pre-washed potatoes are in a K3 cup that is wrapped in cardboard to reduce heat

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Hershey supports Cote d’Ivoire farmers

Hershey has partnered with Blommer Chocolate and Olam Cocoa to build a health centre in Cote d’Ivoire. The company also confirmed achieving its 50% certified and sustainable cocoa sourcing goal

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Bodega Matarromera has developed the first PLA wine bottle designed by AIMPLAS

Bodega Matarromera has successfully completed the development of a new sustainable bottle for their wines. It is a packaging manufactured from bioplastic, specifically PLA, and it is the first bottle

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GreenPalm certificates: Traceable back to individual certified oil palm mills

GreenPalm, the certificate trading system that supports sustainable oil palm production, has introduced certificate traceability back to the individual originating certified mill for the 2016 market. The move is in

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3 companies collaborate to promote bio-based packaging

KuR Kunststoff, Oerlemans Plastics, and BK Pac have collaborated to introduce a product line to promote the use of bio-based plastics in sustainable foodstuffs film packaging. The product line is

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RSPO introduces advanced add-on criteria for sustainable palm oil

RSPO launches “RSPO NEXT” as a voluntary add-on to its existing Principles & Criteria (P&C) for sustainably grown palm oil. RSPO NEXT defines advanced criteria for palm oil production in

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Puratos launches 100% sustainable cocoa powder compound coatings

Puratos has announced an innovation in the world of sweet goods: premium compound coatings made with 100% sustainable cocoa powder. In 2012, Puratos started to exclusively use sustainable palm oil,

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Making International Food and Agricultural Production Chains Sustainable

Rabobank and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are entering into a new partnership focused on international food and agriculture chains. The objective is to make these chains sustainable by conducting

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Cargill Supports Unilever’s Drive to Use Sustainable Palm Oil

Cargill has entered into a supply agreement to provide Unilever’s European operations with 10,000 metric tonnes of segregated refined palm oil, certified by the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil

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