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The Oriel Sea Salt Company

The Oriel Sea Salt Company
October 24
13:34 2013
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The Oriel Sea Salt Company has just launched a new Mineral Sea Salt that is stirring a lot of interest among Chefs, Artisan producers and even some of our major co-operatives. Harvesting directly from the sea in Clogherhead, County Louth, Ireland, it appears that they have found something very special.

Brian Fitzpatrick (MD) explains, “Oriel Sea Salt has such an intense yet smooth flavour that chefs are commenting on the enhancing effect its raw and natural flavour has on food. This is unlike any other Sea Salt. It is not a flake but is a naturally fine grain so it disperses and blends with ease and accuracy. It is so intense that you can use up to 30% less than traditional salt. We make a Natural powder Mineral Sea Salt and a Roasted Sea Salt, which is Free Flowing”

The reason for this extraordinary intensity and flavour is apparently due to the unique harvesting process which ensures that from when it leaves the ocean depths to when it emerges as Sea Salt it is in a specially designed sealed and pressurised system. It never comes in contact with the air so all the nutrients, goodness and flavour of the sea are locked in and captured.

Fitzpatrick says “The comments we are receiving from chefs have been excellent and include”         “It reminds me of dipping my head in the sea when I was a boy” “Bursting with flavour” “If Oriel Sea Salt was a coffee then it is the pure roasted variety, the rest are just de-caf”

“It has been selected by a number of Ireland’s leading restaurants and hotel chefs and for a broad range of Artisan food products including caramel, chocolate, crackers, sauces and dips, dry rubs and is being trialed in such diverse areas as curing bacon, smoking salmon, bread, crisps, puddings and ready made meals. We are not competing with the high volume general salt market as this is a premium product which delivers savings and improved recipe enhancement over other quality sea salts” says Fitzpatrick.

Recent accolades include:

Organic Use Approved – Irish Organic Trust.

Kosher Sea Salt Approved by KLBD (Worldwide Kosher Certification).

Euro-toques –Sea Salt of choice for college presentations (Ireland)

Foodworks 2013 – Selected Company, (Bord Bia / EI / Teagasc).

Registered with Origin Green journey for sustainability (Bord Bia)

Distributed by La Rousse Foods throughout Ireland.


The issue of Provenance is now a key part of many companies growth strategies. The Oriel website www.orielseasalt.com delivers this in spades. The introduction of “500 Million years in the making”  provides a link to a seismic event in the birth of Ireland and its relevance to where this Sea Salt is harvested.


For further details contact Brian Fitzpatrick at info@orielseasalt.com

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